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    Southport inspection pit

    Can anybody tell me why the Wallside sidings and Platform 1 at Southport have an inspection pit under it? Its always seemed unusual to me. Its clearly not there because of anything Merseyrail do, so it goes back before the 507/508 use.
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    Trivia: A Circular route?

    So I was just planning a trip from Liverpool South Parkway to Warrington and I thought I could go to Central direct or I could mix it up a bit, kill some time and do a circle. Are there any other places you can think of where this type of trip is possible outside of the maze of London...
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    Class 142 MPTE modified trainsets

    Can anybody tell me what happened to the Class 142 units (142041-049 and 142051-058) that were converted for the Merseyside Passenger Transport Executive? The last time I remember seeing one for sure it was stabled in the sidings just west of New mills Central. Were they all in the yellow and...
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    Wigan to Stafford via Edge hill RHTT allocation?

    Hey guys, I was wondering if any of you know what is used for the RHTT that runs from Wigna Springs to Wapping at Edge hill then out to Stafford and then back to Wigan via Gullet sidings? Is it an MPV RHTT or is it loco hauled? If so what locos are used and in what livery are they? There is...
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    T3 enginerring possession at Chester

    I saw there is a T3 posession at Chester on the Merseyrail platform and the adjacent siding where Ariva normal stable their 175s Can anybody tell me what they are doing there please?
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    Liverpool - Skegness in the 80s

    Im trying to remember a journey I did when going to Skegness in the 80s. I cant remember the station names and would like some help. The journey started at Liverpool Lime street, we made our way to Manchester via the CLC line to ManPicc. From there on it all gets fuzzy. I remember the train...
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    EMT & SWT Livery

    I noticed but never really noticed that the EMT and certain SWT stock carries the same luvery with different company branding for each respective company. Anybody know how andcwhy this came about? Why do they both carry such different but the same liveries?