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    Trivia: How far can you go on a bus for under a tenner?

    Stagecoach East Scotland offer a £9 dayrider for their East Scotland zone which could enable you to travel from Newton Mearns in southwest Glasgow to Aberdeen, which is about 128 miles as the crow flies - though you would have to change 2 or 3 times.
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    Trivia: Which major UK town has the least direct route from London?

    I'm thinking Ayr, or perhaps Stockton. For Ayr you'd need to go right into Glasgow and back out again. For Stockton you'd need to change at Darlington and again at Middlesbrough.
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    TRIVIA: Services worked by a mixture of bus and coach type vehicles

    I know of a school route that operates near me that often switches between Plaxton Elites and ALX400s. The X52 peak time service between Dunfermline and Edinburgh seems to use whatever bus is available - I've seen single deckers, double deckers and coaches. It's common to see deckers working...
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    Trivia: Stations which merit name linkage to another place

    Lenzie (for Kirkintilloch). Dinsdale (for Middleton St George).
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    New routes from Teesside Airport

    Odd coincidence - I was talking to somebody the other week about the possibility of a flight from Teesside to London City. I think it's great news for the airport. While its possible (and unfortunately I'd say likely) that not all the routes will stand the test of time, hopefully the addition...
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    Trivia: Less obvious stations on a through route where passenger services terminate/start

    There is an early morning commuter service into Edinburgh that starts at Dunfermline Queen Margaret on the Fife Circle. The train that operates this service runs ECS from Perth and turns into the 0706 service upon arrival at Dunfermline QM. Likewise, at 0735 on a weekday, a service starts at...
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    Station Usage 2018/19

    Breich in West Lothian has seen a 235.3% increase in passenger numbers, and this was before the upgrade and improvement of services. Usage has jumped from 102 to 342, even though the station was closed for 12 weeks from the end of June, which is a great sign. Of course this is still a small...
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    Trains in Scotland

    I didn't realise the 397s were in service, I've heard so little about them and have yet to see them at GLC. I meant that Azumas appear at Inverness twice a day, once in the morning on the way down to London and once in the evening coming back. I worded it poorly.
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    Trains in Scotland

    Ah I thought there was 156s on the Far North line. My mistake. I completely forgot the 92s were electric!
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    Trains in Scotland

    We've got a fair mix up in Scotland, lines have their regular classes of unit but most have more than one class operating. Glasgow and Strathclyde - mostly electrics but a few diesels in there. Class 156, 158, 170, 380, 320, 318, 385, 334 are common Scotrail units, while 390/221s and 185s/350s...
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    Abellio Scotrail Franchise to end early in March 2022

    I live in Fife, and while I don't get the train into Edinburgh as much as I used to, I can vouch by personal experience, friends and family's stories and articles in my local newspaper that the service on the Fife Circle is awful. 2 carriage trains in the peak and during events like rugby and...
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    Class 314 Withdrawals

    Will be joining the farewell tour tomorrow at Cumbernauld, until the final goodbye at 7ish. Though I'm too young to remember these units in their infancy (or even when they were middle-aged), growing up as a regular traveller on the Inverclyde line has involved many a journey on a Class 314, and...
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    Trivia: Just for fun -Rail stations named after body parts.

    Nailsea & Backwell has two in its name
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    [Trivia] Which direct route between any two stations has the most TOC's operating on it?

    6 also operate between Motherwell and Glasgow Central, and between Edinburgh and Haymarket. Scotrail, Virgin, TPE, Caledonian Sleeper, XC and LNER. 5 operators run between Birmingham International and New Street/Wolverhampton (Virgin, XC, West Midlands, London Northwestern, TfW). But no...
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    Areas that still have night buses?

    Lothian have quite a few night buses. Here in Dunfermline we have the N55 which runs in the early hours on Saturday and Sunday nights to/from Edinburgh. The 747 also runs 24/7 to Edinburgh Airport.
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    Scotland's Railway - Potential Enhancement Options

    If the Kincardine line is electrified, Rosyth - Haymarket would also need to be, unless battery power is used. I'd imagine direct services from West Fife to Edinburgh is more likely than to Dunfermline/Cowdenbeath as there is currently no direct public transport link from West Fife to Edinburgh...
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    Scotland's Railway - Potential Enhancement Options

    As a frequent traveller on the Fife Circle, train lengthening would be very welcome. Having 2 car services into Edinburgh during rush hour and the festival is really inadequate. Great to see Levenmouth reopening as well. Theoretically, how would a Dunfermline - Alloa reopening work alongside...
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    Mountain treks near train stations

    Falls of Cruachan is convenient for the munros of Ben Cruachan and Stob Daimh, though bear in mind the station is only open in the summer months. Walk Highlands has a 14km circular walk from the station around the Cruachan reservoir that goes up to a height of almost 1400m. Certainly not for the...
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    Why is it called Marden (Kent)?

    Newton (Lanark) might cause some confusion for passengers travelling to Lanark itself.
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    What unusual sightings have you seen recently?

    Last October I saw an LNER HST run down the west side of the Fife Circle via Cowdenbeath, rather than the usual east side via Kirkcaldy. I don't know why as there wasn't any closures or disruption at the time. The current weekend closures of the ECML means Carlisle and the Tyne Valley is seeing...