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    EMR regional cancellations still appearing in the NRE timetable

    I've been trying to book a return trip from Nottingham to Ely on 16 July. EMR have cancelled a number of trains on this route, including the 09:40h from Nottingham, yet they still appear in the National Rail journey planner. The triangular "Status" notification for that train expands to "This...
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    Clayton CBD90 - Battery+diesel shunter

    Following on from discussion on the Class 93 thread, I thought we should have a thread for this loco, especially as it appears that it has now been added to the official Rolling Stock Library as the Class 18. Specification: Class 93 thread...
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    Places to view / video trains in the East Midlands from a parked car?

    Ideas, please. My son (aged 11) likes nothing better than videoing trains, especially HSTs. But with recent levels of Covid cases in Nottingham, I would prefer not to let him hang about the station and its crowds. So do you know places I could take him on Saturdays and half term, where he could...
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    The economics of electrification in the age of bi-modes

    In the past, it was necessary to electrify a whole line, or a whole section of a line to a teminating station (e.g. Bedford-Corby) before you could realise the economic benefits of electrification. Now that bimode passenger trains are available for almost all types of journey, I'm interested in...