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    Freightliner Class 86/6 fleet

    This confirms something I read when the first 90 was repainted into orange. On Freightliner's Twitter feed a poster said it was a shame no 86's would ever be repainted or something similar and Freightliner responded with a 'watch this space!' or words to that effect. Would be great to see.
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    Future Of Caledonian Sleeper Class 86s/87

    Not too sure, I don’t recall seeing them with black surrounds previously. In both locos they have also painted the cable tabs yellow, these were always orange so far as I remember, not sure why they have not done so in this case?
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    Ex-LNER Mk4 sets for Grand Central (Blackpool - Euston)

    I believe also that Class 90’s from DB’s fleet will be used instead of the Class 91’s they had originally intended to use. Not sure if anyone has any further info on this? Assuming they may have to return to service a few of the ones currently stored so as not to affect the use of the current...