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    What is your favourite station in the UK?

    Mines has to be Birmingham New Street.
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    Has anybody ever sued Network Rail or a Train Operator and been successful (for being stranded)?

    Let me paint a picture, say you are coming back from Holiday, it's late at night, you have just left the Airport and can't wait to get home you turn up at the train station and, shock horror, the last train of the night was cancelled. You had previously booked your ticket in advance and the...
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    Whats with TPE cancelling a lot of Edinburgh trains lately?

    I've noticed there has been a hell of a lot of cancellations for trains going to Edinburgh lately, whats going on? Glasgow seems fine.
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    Travelling to St Pancras from a city/town outside London

    I've heard you can get a cheap train ticket to St Pancras if you are travelling from outside London e.g. Manchester - Paris via Eurostar. How do i get this option when booking a ticket? I don't want to book the whole journey as one journey but rather Manchester - St Pancras, St Pancras to Paris.
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    Why are some Pendolinos in all white livery?

    I live and work in Manchester and where I work is right beside the approach onto Piccadilly station in Ardwick and recently when I have been daydreaming looking out the window onto the railway I have seen a fair few Pendolinos in an all white livery I presume it is to do with Virgin losing the...