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    Driver - Personal Protection Strategies (PPS)

    Currently doing my driving hours and just wondering what different protection strategies are used in the cab to aid with concentration and tasks to reduce the risk of mistakes.
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    Sunday working

    It might be different for Northern, but for my TOC you do your rostered hours Monday to Saturday. Any rostered Sunday’s are classed as overtime, however you are expected to work them unless you give 7-14 days notice. Quite often though, due to the additional pay, colleagues tend to ask for yours...
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    Railway Byelaws point 24.2 (Ii)

    (2) Removal of persons (ii) Any person who is reasonably believed by an authorised person to be in breach of any of these Byelaws and who fails to desist or leave when asked to do so by an authorised person may be removed from the railway by an authorised person using reasonable force. This...