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    Train conductor sacked for referring to ‘alcohol-free caliphate’ on Facebook

    Regardless if you agree or disagree with his statement. We all know the current divisive and **cancel culture** world we currently live in. The risk of making any sort of comment on social media that can be taken in any sort of offensive terms far outweighs the reward. Never want to see...
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    Great British Railways: What will it mean for railway careers?

    For the people that read the report and are already in the industry like myself I think its a little easier to read between the lines of the buzzwords and faff.. Although whats due to proceed is/was inevitable, the pandemic has unfortunately helped the powers that be massively accelerate the...
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    Failed Tea-Occ & MMI. Is it the end of a driving career?

    2008.. last external underground vacancies. Which were then withdrawn halfway through the process due to the recession at that time..
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    GTR Trainee Train Driver Application Question Help

    Always 1 A**hole per thread... Nothing wrong with the clarity being sought from what i can see Lets hope you get everything right and get the job since you seem to know everything... If people dont have positive or meaningful inputs i think its better to say nothing..
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    SWR Depot Vacancies

    Congratulations and well played to the successful new starters and good luck to the guys/girls awaiting interview. Agree with the advice regarding the commuting time and fatigue.. This are critical factors especially when new.. Do your training. Get ya key, get settled into the job and worry...
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    Would you leave a stable job for a trainee drivers job in this current climate?

    As most have said. These opportunities dont come around often. However i do think you have valid concerns.. Im sure you will make the right decision for yourself and your family and i wish you all the best Freight could certainly lead to passengers in your future which is undoubtedly safer.
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    Is the railway in general top heavy with managers?

    This is Well written and explained. Its fact. You do how ever see some drivers go to management jobs. The majority do however move in the other direction. A lot more managers attempt to, or become drivers Depends on the TOC but where i am now they certainly want more people from operations...
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    Is the railway in general top heavy with managers?

    This is an interesting feed. But it has so many tenticles its so difficult to compartmentalise. From my personal experiences as a drive frm my own personal experiences as a driver for 12 years. Its not the amount of managers thats the issue. Its the lack of managers that do not know the job...
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    Front line staff: are you worried about job security?

    my only view is. i want the power to he with the people and i will not support job cuts when the powers that be are still creaming from the top.. i just want to see as many people working as possible... and always will
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    Front line staff: are you worried about job security?

    To me. As a train driver who comes from the bottom of the pile in terms of the working class grades and has had pretty much every ****ty job available up to this one.. I am wholeheartedly again ANYBODY who wishes for **Modernisation** (machinery replacing humans) to make things much much worse...
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    Front line staff: are you worried about job security?

    seems to be one type of person unfortunately. With a specific political angle. saddening. 1601507460 We have just seen british gas/British Airways make there frontline staff redundant then re hire them on far worse contracts without all there perks.. No government interventions on these...
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    Front line staff: are you worried about job security?

    this must be a joke so a member of staff is to support actions that will lead to less jobs and less staff?? amazing stuff 1601504984 ALL and any railway staff that have managed to be brainwashed away from thinking the unions are of critical importance really need to have a good look at...
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    Arriva rail London trainee drivers

    Also to the new starters.. There has been at least one group start very recently maybe the past week or so. I actually believe its 2 keep the faith!!
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    Arriva rail London trainee drivers

    I am a Qualified Driver who went back in today to work.. I would not worry too much if you're a London Overground Trainee.. they want more drivers. Just maybe expect to take longer than usual to pass out.. its a difficult task they have ahead
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    SWR to ARL

    Not much variation of work at New CrossGate. Willesden Junction offers more variety so it would depend on what your currently used to and whether the variety of work is important to you.
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    SWR to ARL

    Two perfect answers above. I have been offered job by both Tocs as a qualified driver leaving my current TOC.. I have chosen Willesden ahead of Waterloo with the above dilemma as my sticking point. SWT had much nicer work. ARL paid far more.. The gap was just too big, the finances won over...
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    Train Driver Trainer Salary Query

    A Driver Managers job is "Not" above a Qualified train drivers job under any circumstances. A driver trainer is a different story. Depending on what TOC you work for there are different ways the role is done. Some TOCS seperate the paperwork (line managers) and driver competency (development...
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    Southeastern recruiting trainee drivers again

    Once again, speaking from experience, not all DM's are experienced. This is nonsense too. "Worse" was the incorrect word for me to use. But more congested, diagrams are more and more packed. The money rises, people want you to work for your buck. The metro diagrams are tough! its the way it is..
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    Southeastern recruiting trainee drivers again

    Agree with a lot of whats been said here but not all.... Unfortunately the nature of the training these days does make it more difficult for so called "newbies" to keep clean. More much condensed and rushed. Also because there are less 'railway people' in managerial positions and more people...
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    Qualified driver applying for a trainee driver position

    As a qualified driver you are better off getting the email addresses for the HR of the companies you are interested in. Draft a cover letter let them know the locations that interest you along with your experience and see what they come back with.. I am speaking from experience as this is how...