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    'Leeds Bradford Airport Parkway' Consultation (2021)

    I went for a walk in the fields near the proposed station last week, there was a drilling rig doing trial holes for the station and new access road. So things are moving in parallel to the consultation.
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    Transpennine Route Upgrade and Electrification updates, CP6

    An excellent tool which I will definitely use over the coming years. One very minor criticism is the colours for proposed and construction are very close could they be altered for easier recognition?
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    Latest on Rail Operating Centres

    I worked on the construction of York ROC and the plan was for it to control the following: whole of the East coast main line from KC to Berwick Yorkshire region NE region including the tyne valley line as far as Carlisle South Humberside It was expected that it would take several years to...
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    Platform Zero at Leeds

    I don't think there are any firm proposals for Marsh Lane station it was just statements by local councillors that Leeds could do with a second station.
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    Platform Zero at Leeds

    Would it not be advantageous to four track from Neville Hill to Leeds Station or as close as practical to improve the through put at the east of the station and in light of the proposed Marsh Lane station?