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    Maybe Trivia - "No Refuges" Question

    Sort of yes. The original idea was to put them on 100mph+ lines where a position of safety is 2m away from the running line. In that case the idea was to show that while there is no need to have a limited clearance sign there is nowhere that places you a position of safety... 2m from the running...
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    Maybe Trivia - "No Refuges" Question

    Each sign is or can be placed on one or both sides of a structure that can limit egresses from the railway. ie on a bridge, on a tunnel mouth, over bridge adutment or on a building that is alongside the line. Going by what the OP has said it does sound like the No Refuge signs should indeed to...
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    Colour Light Signals - Light Order

    The similarities between road traffic signals and railway signaling is purely in your own mind. They both use lights and in some implementations look similar to each other physically. Thats about it.
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    Trivia; Longest walk from station entrance to platform.

    Smallbrook station. Pedestrian access is via another station :-)
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    How dangerous is the third rail?

    When I first got my PTS all those many many years ago we trained on 3rd rail systems because Merseyrail... It was always best practice to cross at a safe point if you could. ie if there is a section gap 20 meters down the line and its safe to walk to it and cross there then do it. Stepping over...
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    Trivia: Lift and Escalator accessed stations

    Liverpool central only has escalator of lift access, the stairs are for emergency use only. James street station only has lift access and always has only ever had lift access. I believe it was the first deep level station ever built.
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    Trivia: Stations where a platform has been built on the actual site of a ex running line (e.g. fom previous rationalisation/singling)

    Liverpool Lime street short bay platforms between arrival platform 3 and 5 was filled in for some years. It has now of course been reinstated as a much longer platform
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    Trivia: Smallest towns with more than one station

    Smallbrook station post code is Ryde PO33 4BE, it is in Ryde. At 32,000 people Ryde has a 8,000 to 1 ratio, and there are plans to increase this to 5 stations once the new estate at Westridge cross is built.
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    Trivia: Stations on our railway network which are closed but the platforms still exist.

    The original Edge hill station platforms are still in place after 189 years... The bay platforms are still in place at the new Edge hill station too, that is little younger at 183 years old. Ditton station still has its platforms, Liverpool St James station platforms are still in place too...
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    Non-Urgent TOPS Requests

    Thank you. Any idea what its next working will be and its headcode?
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    Non-Urgent TOPS Requests

    Can somebody please tell me where 66601 is please. I lost track of it when it left Earles sidings in the Hope Valley a few days ago and cant seem to track her down.
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    Alphabetical displays in theatre route indicators.

    It might be a better question to ask which spercific TRIs give numbers. It would limit the amount of dross answers as TRIs usually give a letter rather than a number. Its like asking what signals display a green aspect.
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    Steam Locos and Turntables/ Wyes

    You would think that wouldnt you, as you say its a loop and you would expect any train to end the other way around to when it started and then just do the trip again to even it out but it didnt actually work out like that. I have no idea why. I do know the excessive wear was always a problem...
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    Steam Locos and Turntables/ Wyes

    Im not 100% sure anymore, its been such a long time since I was actually there to see it. I know Merseyrail used to turn their stock there to even out the wear on the wheelsets because of the loop line.
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    Departure Board Software

    I love it! Its amazing. I dont think the text colour isnt quite right and the font seems strange but I love it anyway
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    Steam Locos and Turntables/ Wyes

    There are a fair few up in the North West. Crewe can turn a loco using Gresty and Bassford hall, Earlestown could be used by Warrington BQ. Liverpool Lime street can use Bootle Branch Jn and Edge Lane Jn, Southport has a triangle, Chester does too
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    TRIVIA: Train length equal to platform number

    Allerton station, which is now LPY did get 1 on 1, 2 on 2 3 on 3 and 4 on 4 but the latter two was uncommon to rare. Now its Liverpool South the only thing it doesnt get is 1 on 1 and 5 on 5
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    Trivia: Less obvious stations on a through route where passenger services terminate/start

    Liverpool South Parkway used to get the Blackpool services terminate on P4. Hazel Grove gets terminating trains so they are not clogging up stations they dont really need to be in. New Mills used to get terminating services too
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    Count Down Board?

    Do you mean a station limits board? Its been a while since Ive seen one but I think the board is basically the same but the lines drop left to right. Its blue so its not a countdown board either, or not one I remember. With it having 3 bands I would say its for reminding the driver that the...
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    How long can you have a break of journey for?

    Unless your ticket is for a spercific service that is "named" by time then you can have a "BoJ" for as long as you like as long as the date on the ticket is valid. You could for instance use the ticket to go off peak from A to B in the morning off peak then B to C in the evening off peak hours...