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  1. 1955LR

    Flashing Green Signals - Norway

    I have been watching various Video clips of rail journeys in Norway , particularly Bergan - Oslo line and wondered what flashing green signals mean. Can anyone enlighten me?
  2. 1955LR

    14:55 TFW Barmouth to Machynlleth 08/07/21

    Must congratulate TFW for promptly suppling Rail Replacement Coachs to carry me ( and others ) from Barmouth to Machynlleth yesterday when the 14:545 was cancelled . Two coaches supplied , one straight to Machynlleth & the other via all the other intermediate stations . The first arrived in...
  3. 1955LR

    Reading to Alton

    I occasionally travel down to Alton to visit the Watercress Line from Hereford, via Reading (RDG) to catch the 09.20 down to Alton (AON). The route planners show a change of trains at North Camp and a walk to Ash Vale to catch the service to Alton . If I change the route to via Ash , the...
  4. 1955LR

    Purchase of tickets with cash or Voucher TFW

    Last year I travelled from Newtown (NWT) to Fairbourne (FRB) and wanted to pay with Voucher I had from Delay repay. I arrived in plenty of time for the train and found the booking office was permanently closed. Boarded the train and asked the staff for a ticket . I was advised due to the Covid...
  5. 1955LR

    Yellow " Target" type stickers on Track and bridge at Barmouth.

    I noticed these stickers around various parts of the rail and the opening bridge when walking over the rail bridge over the Mawddach on Monday Are they something to do with alignment of the bridge structure. I know there is work being carried out at the moment.
  6. 1955LR

    Another lorry through the barriers at Manningtree

    Picked this up from yesterday on BBC - Seems to happen all too frequently , are there any plans to put in a bridge?
  7. 1955LR

    TFW - Gesture of Goodwill

    I sent the following letter to TFW after suffering a delay on 21 December 2019 and have just received a very detailed letter explaining the delay and Delay repay of £3.63 plus a £10 Rail Voucher, well worth the little effort reporting it although its taken a month to come respond. I would...
  8. 1955LR

    What happened to the 14:30 from Manchester Piccadilly (19/01)?

    Yesterday (Sun 19/01/20) I looked to purchases an Off Peak return Leominster (LEO) to Manchester Piccadilly (MAN) using the TFW web site . I selected 10:01 departure LEO to MAN , which required a change of train from TFW to Aventi at Crewe , return 14:30 direct MAN to LEO. arrival 16:29...
  9. 1955LR

    Permitted route Bucknell to Llanelli ?

    New Forum Member. One journey that has intrigued me for a number of years with no consistent answer from Booking Clerks or train staff. I often take a day return journey on the Heart of Wales line Bucknell (BUK) to Llanelli (LLE), on weekdays Two tickets show as being available on Tfw booking...