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    UK cut off from EU, due to concerns over new Coronavirus strain

    With Eurostar shutdown for outbound trains, I've been wondering if this has affected railfreight. I don't know how this normally operates - is there some switch between French & UK locos at some point? It would seem an easy matter to isolate drivers in locos to ensure freight keeps running...
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    Was there a system to BR's original diesel numbering?

    The numbering system seems as arbitrary as for steam locos. Class 44/45/46 started from D1 and class 40 from D200, perhaps 45s were ordered first though 40s were delivered sooner. 31s which were also one of the earliest started from D5500. Reading older magazines it's sometimes confusing to work...
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    Paid positions on heritage railways

    99 seems an awful lot, what are their occupations?
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    Heritage railways - museums or railways?

    "Part of what is needed is a reworking of the experience of the journey so that greater emphasis is given to the wider landscape and places served by the line, and less to the element of transport and the physical features of the railway itself." Don't the more successful/longer lines do this...
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    Heritage railways that will probably be still running in 25 - 30 years time

    One thing that I don't think has been mentioned here is the future price and availability of coal. Production in the UK is likely to dwindle and the only supply may be from overseas - which is likely to be inherently more expensive. Coal is already quite an expensive fuel for railways, will they...
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    Severn Valley in 1961

    Just read an article in the April 1961 Trains Illustrated magazine describing the Severn Valley line. The line was still complete with a number of other branch lines coming off it back then. What a wonderful trip that would have made to travel all the way from Kidderminster to Shrewsbury! You...
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    Preserved Pacers

    Any idea what the cost of a Pacer is? With quite a number going to heritage railways they must be fairly cheap. As scrap they don't look like they have a lot of useful metal to them so they may be getting more from selling them (though I am no expert so I could be wrong).
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    Northern Trains new franchise.

    How does the changeover work? Presumably all the staff contracts are transferred over as-is. What about the trains? Did Northern buy all the recent new trains or are they on hire? If the former they're going to want their money back. There must be other things that belong to Arriva too - some of...
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    Why was third rail mostly concentrated in the South?

    One reason was that in those early times the electricity grid wasn't linked- towns had to have their own power stations (and naturally it was the larger towns that got them first). But even then the supply was unreliable. The only way for Southern to solve this was to build their own power...
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    Poor Northern excuse regarding platform length constraints delaying introduction of longer trains

    This article - says Northern claim longer platforms at Leeds has delayed them running longer trains. Now Leeds has exceedingly long through platforms which can take (I estimate) at least...
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    Heritage Rail Gala date conflict annoyance

    Hm think you're missing my point slightly. I think Heritage railways are losing income if they run Galas on the same date as nearby lines.
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    Heritage Rail Gala date conflict annoyance

    For the 2nd year running KWVR & ELR have decided to have their Spring Steam Gala on the same weekend (6-8 March). These are the 2 nearest large Heritage railways to me and I nearly always go to all their Galas. However I'm working on Fridays and prefer to go to Galas on Saturdays and not Sundays...
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    GCR Bridge Project

    Does anyone know what their plan for the engine shed is? There has to be a through line to get to the bridge which is unlikely to go through the shed but there's little room to run another line by the side of the shed - if you still want to get motor vehicles to the back of the shed.
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    TPE cancellations & disruption to services through Leeds

    Lots of TPE services cancelled on the board at Leeds today. 2 reasons given - "more trains need repairing than usual at the moment" and "lack of staff". Some 185s going west out of Leeds were packed with people standing. I pity people who had to pay full fare for this poor service.
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    Class 331 tables arrangements

    Traveling home tonight on a 331, the car had tables between the facing seats. As these are (presumably) mostly commuter units this seems a little odd as it makes it harder to get in and out of seats quickly and to place bags. I've rarely traveled on 331s up until now - it seems I usually hit...
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    LNER HST Withdrawals

    Certainly they never entered my consciousness. I was at University in Reading in 1977 about the time HST sets were being introduced and it was amazing to travel on these futuristic trains into Paddington compared to 47s/50s towing mark 2s or even mark 1s. Then I moved to Bedford and the HSTs...
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    Remaining LNER HST Services

    This article suggested there would still be a HST running to Harrogate, has that gone too now?
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    Are WY Train-only Day Rovers valid on GC?

    The validity section here - does not mention Grand Central but the one here does. The National Rail Train & Bus ticket does include GC -...
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    West Yorkshire Day Rover Changes from 22nd July.

    I bought a WY train-only ticket from a conductor recently (26/11/19) and it says "Day Rover" on the ticket. Seems like nobody has bothered to update the computer systems with the new name.
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    Were phones ever installed on BR trains?

    Reading a 1960 issue of Trains Illustrated, a letter makes interesting reading comparing then with now. (Perhaps in response to an article in a previous issue - but I don't have that one.) "Do you not realise that the telephone is the curse of the modern businessman's existence? Only in a...