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    safety on tube (late night journey)

    Me again! Sorry always wanting some re-assurance aren't I! I will need to travel on the victoria line next Tuesday after 10pm but before 11pm by myself, Victoria underground to Tottenham Hale, I have done this route before so I know what I'm doing but I've never done it before at night. How...
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    kings Cross to Paddington

    Hi, Sorry for what may seem a silly unnecessary post. A week on Saturday I am travelling a route to Maidenhead which requires us to alight at Kings Cross, get tube from there to Paddington (Hammersmith and City Line) before getting train from Paddington to Maidenhead. I have used the tube...
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    London Travel card

    I have Cambridge to London zones 1-6 day travelcard which states it is only valid on Greater Anglia services. Is this only greater Anglia services to and From Cambridge or is it only greater Anglia services all day and no other operating company. So for example would this ticket be valid on a...
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    unmanned ticket barriers closed

    So I went on a day trip yesterday and I arrived back into Cambridge gone past 11pm, the ticket barriers were closed and unmanned, I had no problem with this until it wouldn't accept my perfectly valid paper ticket, it returned the ticket but the barriers wouldn't open. There were no passengers...
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    Rail Replacement bus service help

    Hi, I'm travelling from Cambridge to Manchester Saturday 18 September and will be returning on same day. I have noticed there is a rail Replacement bus service operating both ways between Ely and Peterborough. I have never used a rail Replacement bus service before but it's obvious timings...