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    75% Season ticket discount for Network Rail staff

    Hi how do you apply for the 75% season ticket discount? I'm due to start working with NR next month. Wondering if its something I can apply for straight away Thank you
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    Network Rail Pay dates

    Hi, could anyone give some advice please. I'm ware that pay is 4 weekly. As a new starter do you have to work any weeks in advance and what are the upcoming pay dates? I received a start date for the 29th October. I'm just trying to work out that all my finances are in order if I would have to...
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    Network Rail Recruitment timescale

    Hi All, Sorry if this has been asked before in a thread. I just wanted some advice. I recently applied for a job with network rail, did the online assessment and face to face interview which I passed I received my formal offer pack roughly 2 weeks ago, filled out some occupational health...