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    Weekend closures between Shrewsbury and Newport

    Thanks for the quick answer
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    Weekend closures between Shrewsbury and Newport

    I've scanned back through recent posts and cannot see anything on why Shrewsbury to Newport is being closed for successive weekends. Apologies if I have missed it. Does anyone know why please? Gauging work for MK4s?
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    Northern Class 195: Construction/Introduction Updates

    First time on a 195 yesterday from Chester to Leeds. Then onto a 170, also for the first time. The 170 ride was a clear step up from the 195, which was vibrating and banging for most of the trip. Even my regular refurbed 150 rides better. Why not put the 170 on the longer route and the 195 on...
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    153 on Mid-Cheshire line?

    It was 150116. I was on it. I think it was the rear engine that failed just before Knutsford, lighting then failed so all passengers moved to front carriage. Slow progress under one engine. Skipped Navigation Road but stopped elsewhere. However much you polish a ....., its still a ...
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    Northern - is the bad PR unfair?

    I'm a regular in the North West on Northern, and to answer the questions above, I've always found the staff very helpful. Although I use a TfW station, the train staff I see are very good. (I'm not one of them). What really chews me off though is sitting in a filthy train. There seems to be...
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    TPE Mark 5A coaching stock progress

    Saw 68019 Brutus being hauled north through Stockport this morning.
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    Mid Cheshire line can't go to 2tph

    Apologies if there is an existing thread on this. Mid Cheshire line can't go to 2tph due to congestion at at Edgeley, and at the other end at Mickle Trafford. I can understand the Edgeley one, but the Chester Frodsham line doesn't seem to be too busy to break out onto. Are 2tph ever likely to...
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    Northern Class 331: Construction/Introduction Updates

    Saw the roof of what I took to be a 331 at Stockport this morning. On the sidings behind the wall.