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    Southeastern OBM Medical

    Hey- sorry only just seen your question. The medical went fine- it was exactly as other people on here had indicated, no surprises, and although it was very thorough, the medical company were great. A lot has happened since then, and I have now progressed through training, signed as competent...
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    SouthEastern Conductor Application

    I would email Southeastern and explain the situation, having gone through the process myself, I did hear of this same situation happening to several people. They were given another chance, especially as it would show zero correct on the results (which is very unlikely in most circumstances, more...
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    Southeastern OBM Medical

    Thank very much for your input guys, feel a lot more reassured now. I guess the only unknown is blood pressure, but I'm hoping as I have have never had any medical problems or incidents or medication etc, and given the current physical job I'm in, I'm keeping everything crossed it can't be too...
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    Southeastern OBM Medical

    Hi All, I have been offered a job with Southeastern as an OBM, subject to passing the medical and drugs/alcohol screening (which is next week, eeeekkkk!) Drugs/alcohol are not an issue, never done drugs and not a big drinker, but the medical is worrying me. I'm a big guy, BMI is around 35, but...