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    Is A 153 Slowing Down A 175?

    Many a driver has changed ends and then remembered that they had a 150/153 attached to their 158!
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    ECTL Customer Experience Ambassador (09-06-2021)

    I've moved FG TOC to a neighbouring FG TOC as a driver recently, it was incredibly quick and straightforward and I transferred continuous service between the two.
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    Guards/TM's Talking to Drivers

    It depends on the crew!
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    SWR December 2022 Timetable Consultation

    Hopefully GWR can regularly turn out 5 car formations to lessen the impact. There are certainly a lot who actively sought out the SWT/R services and I suspect this won't go down well!
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    What to wear for Microsoft teams induction ?

    I'm sure you'll have plenty of virtual tea breaks so plenty of opportunity to have a wardrobe change if you've gone OTT!
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    SWR- Depot Driver Bournemouth (25/05/21)

    I don't know Bournemouth depot but it may be best not to quote speeds unless you are 100% sure it is correct. Salisbury depot on SWR for example is 10mph (except in the sheds/washer).
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    Salisbury bus-train transfer time

    Saturday is market day in Salisbury. Good luck.
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    Driver training Prep

    If you know the routes that you'll be driving you could learn the order of the stations which I guess could help a little bit when it comes to train handling / route learning. Other than that, take it easy whilst you still can.
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    SWR Guards Recruitment 2021

    Would that not be a question for SWR?
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    Entire 800/801/802 fleet stood down for safety checks

    I don't think the question meant running additional trains in additional pathways, more simply adding extra direct services which is nothing more than changing what the rear 3 coaches do when they get to Salisbury. The new timetable from Monday for example doesn't have the previous 0920 Waterloo...
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    Entire 800/801/802 fleet stood down for safety checks

    They split from the Waterloo/Exeter services at Salisbury.
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    Entire 800/801/802 fleet stood down for safety checks

    If it's anything like my TOC, you are bubbled with the other person, PCR test to enter the bubble and regular lateral flow tests to remain in it. I imagine GWR will be along the same lines, certainly won't be a free for all. People can meet indoors for work but employers should be making the...
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    SWR Guards Recruitment 2021

    A significant difference! I guess that could change if harmonisation talks get under way again. All I'm really saying is you never know if you'd want to make that move in future, maybe trainee driver at GWR Fratton, relocating to the West Country or whatever the situation may be. I was told once...
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    SWR Guards Recruitment 2021

    By all means apply but I'd stick with what comes along first and avoid burning bridges like that. You never know how the future will pan out.
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    Salisbury to Exeter

    So what is the purpose of fueling at Exeter? Are we talking for an ad hoc basis kind of thing or for example the overnight units visiting etc?
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    Salisbury to Exeter

    It certainly used to, unless they can fuel them in the depot at Bournemouth.
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    Salisbury to Exeter

    I mentioned further up the thread, this was raised on their twitter account and the reply was there were last minute engineering works between Axminster and Exeter. Looks like posters on stations didn't show it but those online did. So either they've made up the engineering works or the no fuel...
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    Salisbury to Exeter

    There was a complaint on Twitter about engineering works between Axminster and Exeter St David's and SWR stated that they were last minute. The updated engineering summary pictures they post showed the work.
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    Deal agreed between RMT and SWR regarding future role of guards

    I'm a driver on the West with the turbos. Incidents like that are posted on our notice boards and I can't say that there ever seemed to be an unusual number of either of them compared to any other incident. Obviously I don't have the statistics but have never had the impression there is a big...
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    GWR Train Driver talent pool

    Second this! That question is a perfect spot (amongst many) to drop in the safety is number one priority answer as well as being professional.