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    TFL Rail @ Acton Main Line

    I've tried to see if this is covered elsewhere, and had little luck out of @TFLRail on Twitter too, but I'm curious, when exactly will ALL services run by TFL Rail be stopping at Acton Main Line? As it currently stands they are essentially copying the service pattern passed on from GWR, Hayes &...
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    PA/ Interlock box open again (Southern)

    for quite literally the third time in as many weeks of traveling Southern I’ve been in a carriage where this box has been left open and swinging around like a flag in the wind! What’s the protocol on these being left open? Surely a nefarious passenger could at best play in a jaunty tune over the...
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    GTR Social media advisor, interview this week

    Got my first interview for a career in the railway industry this week, it's for the position of "external social media advisor" at Southern Rail, if anyone here has any advice generally, and indeed specifically to both the GTR interview process and TOC social media interviews in general, please...
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    Why are GTR's Gatwick Express 387s dual voltage?

    Just out of curiosity was there any particular reason the GX 387's were ordered with a panto? Is this some kind of long term commitment to running them north of Victoria?
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    Railways in Pop Culture

    What's you're favourite example of the UK Rail Network being mentioned or referenced in pop culture, films, books music etc? Mines a reference to Pendolino's in a Courteeners song.
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    "Unforeseen Circumstances"

    An announcement was just made at Burgess Hill station saying the 19:33 is being delayed due to "unforeseen circumstances" I've never heard this catch all in use before, has anyone else?
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    Thameslink 377 on Southestern Duty?

    Has the GTR handover of purple 377's to Southeastern started? There was an 8-car one on platform 4 at Victoria this morning, I couldn't see if it had a service, anyone got any info on this?
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    700's coupled to freight

    My GatEX service came to a hault just shy of tinsley a few days ago, and I was able to get a look at something rather odd. I saw four or five freight containers coupled to two 8-car class 700's... Is that a common practice? What could they have been doing?
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    Earliest Memories

    What's the earliest or first time you remember finding yourself interested, fascinated, curious or inquisitive as to the operation of railways? I remember as a school kid I would have to get the train to and from home, and I noticed the very slight differences in the trains that served my...
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    More purple 377's running around

    Amid the madness of the Southern Railway situation, I've noticed A LOT more of the old FCC Purple liveried 377's making the TL rounds, rather than the southern bodies serving TL duties - as was common for a period, has anyone else noticed this, and if you'll pardon some speculation, could it be...
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    Is everyone tired of franchising?

    A lot of popular media seems to be giving privatised rail a real bashing, especially when it comes to the likes of Govia, Virgin, First etc etc. Has anyone else noticed a change in public opinion on a private railway?