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    Trivia: Longest distance between any two London terminals?

    Suppose I wish to travel between two London terminals but I’m constrained by not being allowed to use the tube, buses, walk, use a taxi or any other form of transport other than national rail. For example, if travelling between Victoria and Waterloo, then the fastest acceptable route is to go...
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    Stansted express is diverted and I’m confused about my ticket validity

    I’ve been away this weekend, flying from Stansted, and I took the Stansted express to the airport on Friday. I bought an open return with my 16-25 railcard from Tottenham Hale to the airport but I’ve just realised that there’s a service alteration tonight with the late night trains calling at...
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    Fry up at Kings Cross

    Hi everyone, Got an early start at King’s Cross on Friday, 8am up to Edinburgh to spend Christmas with the in laws and Boxing Day with my folks. In order to fuel myself for the long journey I’m going to need a full English in my belly. Is there a spoons or something at the station that can...
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    Changing zones on annual tube travelcard

    I currently live in London zone 2 and paid £1,320 for an annual zones 1-2 travelcard that runs from 5/1/17 until 4/1/18. I did this because work runs one of those season ticket loan schemes so I could take advantage of the cheaper rate of buying a yearly pass rather than splashing out on...
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    Rail travel on Spain's east coast?

    Me and a couple of mates are considering flying to Barcelona in July, spending a few days there then heading down to PortAventura for a couple of days there then on to Benicassim for the music festival and finally on to Alicante for the flight home. Just wondering if anyone knows the...
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    Trainline selling advanced singles before TOC?

    I'm a Scotsman living in London and I always plan my trips home far enough in advance that I get the best deals (often £40 return for standard class or less than £40 single in first class) I usually put the ticket alert on trainline and wait for the email but then actually buy the ticket from...
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    WCML sights

    Going the full ticket next week Edinburgh Waverley to London Euston via Birmingham New Street. I know it's a bit longer than the usual ECML but was cheap and I fancied the different scenery. What things should I look out for on the journey?
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    Trivia: Most TOCs at one station?

    Without a doubt the most bizarre fact about the UK railways is that despite all of the different TOCs that operate up and down the country, all trains serving the busiest station are served by a single TOC (namely South West trains at London Waterloo) Most I can come up with is six at...
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    How early can I get on a train before departure?

    I'm on the 0700 King's Cross to Edinburgh tomorrow, and I'll probably be out all night tonight. My plan is to sleep it off on the journey but if the train is there from like 6/6:30 obviously I can grab a little extra kip.
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    VTEC Christmas and New Year tickets

    Been watching the trainline ticket alerts page for a few days and the VTEC advanced tickets has been stuck on Wednesday 21 December (even though it usually runs to a given Friday) I want to travel London to Edinburgh either on the evening of Friday 23rd after work or early morning on...
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    I'm going to be living in London soon and will probably do about several trips back to central Scotland for the weekend each year, longer one at christmas as well. I'm equidistant to Glasgow and Edinburgh so don't care which one I arrive to. Is one line typically cheaper than the other...
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    London to Scotland advanced fayres

    Hi, anyone know how much advanced tickets would be from London to Glasgow or Edinburgh around christmas time? And when will they be available? Looking to travel up either on the final train on the 23rd, or on the morning of christmas eve, and returning probably morning of January 2nd Also...
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    Trivia: Journeys whixh require the most changes between two stations?

    Random thing I'm wondering about, So it's a well known fact that you can buy a single point-to-point ticket between any two UK stations, regardless of whether the stations have a direct connection or changes are needed Also, London forms the backbone of the UK rail network. In general, you...
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    Moving to London: Help me use the tube

    So I just scored a grad job down in London starting later in the year that will see me work in the city of London itself Ideally looking to find somewhere that has a direct tube connection to Bank or Liverpool Street. I don't mind a slightly longer commute, but ideally, I want to avoid...
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    Bizarre events at Edinburgh Haymarket

    Long time lurker, first time poster I often travel from Haymarket to Falkirk Grahamston shortly after 4:30 on Friday afternoons. My usual M.O. is to buy a single ticket, go down to platform 4 and jump on whatever comes first, the ScotRail service to Dunblane or the chieftain going towards...