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  1. Yodiethedog

    Under/Over-Served areas in the network.

    Oh yes, the freight line is not a platform. I would of thought Bradford on Avon/ Trowbridge/ Frome/ Bruton/ Castle Cary are better stations for accessing the rural hinterland, as you don't have to walk through much town to get into the countryside. But Westbury is served by more trains than...
  2. Yodiethedog

    Under/Over-Served areas in the network.

    Westbury. 4 platform station for a 16,000 population, just happens that a junction between many lines occurs there. Great for trainspotting though!
  3. Yodiethedog

    3tph on North Downs Line

    I'm assuming this requires the introduction of 769s on the route, which (don't quote me on this) I'm guessing have faster acceleration than turbos
  4. Yodiethedog

    Worst UK station in rush hour.

    Plymouth in rush hour is... Well... It's not a nice station at the best of times... All the subways are too narrow for the volume of people and there aren't enough lifts. Also, all the peak hour services seem to illogically depart from the far platforms, when platform 1 and 3 are empty.
  5. Yodiethedog

    East Midlands Railway livery and station branding

    222101 is in EMT Intercity purple
  6. Yodiethedog

    Your experiences of unbelievable rolling stock diagram allocations (past and present)

    Am I making this up, or did 4 150's once operate a Penzance to London service as far as plymouth, in about 2015?
  7. Yodiethedog

    Trivia: Stations that have direct service to London but few people wishing to travel there

    Severn Tunnel Junction gets some peak time direct London services. (Not at the moment because of the emergency timetable)
  8. Yodiethedog

    TRIVIA: Train length equal to platform number

    Platform 5 at Bristol Temple Meads often sees 5 coach super voyagers
  9. Yodiethedog

    Trivia; platforms on bridges over large rivers/lakes/sea?

    First one to mention Portsmouth harbour
  10. Yodiethedog

    PIS listing stations not called at

    PIS on all 166's going to Bristol temple meads from Severn beach never mentions St andrews road, but always does in the other direction
  11. Yodiethedog

    Train announcements with a sense of humour

    Was on an XC hst once leaving plymouth when we suddenly grounded to a halt "Ladies and gentlemen, the driver has flagged up a few issues with the train" Can you get vaguer than that?
  12. Yodiethedog

    Trivia: Towns which do not deserve the service they get

    Westbury Westbury has only got a population of 15,000 and gets served by 3 or more trains every hour. However, further down the line at Frome, the population is 26,000 but it only gets served by about 10 trains a day (I think! Please tell me if this is incorrect!)