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    Message from Steve158

    Thats a message from steve158
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    BVE 4 HST [Now Released]

    Its ready for release. I have just drove the new version today and its even better than previous. This will be one hell of a treat. This Steve Green and Jono project will be hosted on TSC thanks to RailUK's hosting. Expect it within the next few days
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    Bve 4 Hst

    Just like to inform you all that its release is very close. I have been testing it and it is one beauty to drive. For any of you that want a preview I have posted a clip below.
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    BVE 4 HST

    IS there some bug with the forum software that is deleting posts made by me within last 24hours for no reason what so ever? Well anyway for those who may not know there is a new HST for BVE 4 being made. A sound clip is below
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    Govt screws up again

    Whats happened now, letting sex offenders working in school, are our kids really safe? The man in question has accessed child porn pictures! This could mean there may be more out there, working with children
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    Required: Photos of derby railway Station

    Hello If any of you have any photos could you please provide us with a link to your site or if you know of where any are too i will be very greatful. Time is so short at the moment, otherwise I would get them my self All will be revealed in 2006 :)
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    My Day

    Well I Went on a voyager to work, on time it was. Had a nice run up to leeds. When I got to work I had my request for annual leave denied as I had filled out the form wrong, so was not in best of moods. A nice surprise was we had a HST vice 91 mk 4 so things were looking good. Apart from being...
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    SWT 159 model

    Im lost :lol:
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    Speed Cameras

    Road safety depends on drivers paying full attention to the road ahead, but speed cameras distract them to varying degrees. If a driver isn't looking ahead, he might not see a pedestrian until it is too late. Most drivers see road side speed cameras as a threat that must be dealt with. Dealing...