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    Northern Driver Manchester

    I had my assessment day for Manchester on January 23rd and had a phone call today to let me know I've passed... my partner was taking his psychometrics in Doncaster for depot driver today when I recieved the call. Also passed! We can't believe it!
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    A career as a train driver

    Not necessarily, I currently work for northern as a guard and have my assessment day for driving in Manchester next week. They are also still running training courses. if/when it happens they will still need more staff and the recruitment and HR staff won't change so will likely just carry on as...
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    Northern psychometrics

    Hi all! New member and wondering if anyone has taken the psychometric assessments for northern recently? I recieved confirmation that I was successful at my DTM interview and am now waiting for a date to complete the assessments. Any advice or if anybody has the practice materials I'd really...