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    XC Being Very Detailed

    There was always problems with the voyagers with train faults in virgins days, nothings new to be honest.
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    Farewell Silverlink, MML, GNER and VXC

    Well if TS will fund more units then maybe AXC would
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    FGW last service.

    Own fault.. should give yourself plenty of time to get to train especially with it being the last one!!!
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    Cross Country 2009 Timetable

    shops definatly coming out
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    So you want to become a Train Driver...?

    Having a look at that post you do suggest EPS between Newcastle and York! Now im not a driver but I know there is no EPS in between those two destinations. I also had a look at other posts that you have made too and I see some of the things you said just dont add up. Up to you mate if you...
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    Flashing amber

    Juncton at Kidsgrove where the route diverges off to crewe has flashing yellows for a 15mph psr
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    Invitations to Tender issued for three new rail franchises

    Congleton will be served by west mids IIRC
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    So whats actually being done...?

    Derby to Stoke is making slow progress, motorvation is needed though!!
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    16:24 Manchester Piccadilly to Derby

    7.47 off derby in the morning! and 16.24 in the evening! reason that it gets cancelled alot or start/ terminate at BHM is due to the fact we are quite short on avaiable units! I never trust that train to get to work! shame it dont work over north staffs! Have seen a voyager over it though!
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    just a screenshot

    Looks good! Just a suggetion to add a textue to the railhead :)
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    North Staffs and Stenson Junctions

    Its alright, mix of freight and those lovely voyagers. not been for a while as Ive lost interest in all that stuff.
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    The 1C59 diverted at Reading West

    1046 runs Basingstoke - New Street non stop! How cool is that!
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    Plane or Missile

    Its not a Plane.
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    Class 153 Released

    Well I loaded up bve for first time in about a month to drive this. Well done to everyone involved again.
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    Dirty Neds!!!!

    Is he an actual bus driver then, lol? I barely go to work in uniform, let alone go out in it!!!
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    Dirty Neds!!!!

    Whats with the arriva bus driver uniform and high vis vest at the GCR?
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    Does length matter?

    Vikki, does length matter to you ;)
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    On the GNER Website you can find what class of train runs the service. Its either Electric (91) or HST.
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    Maybank extensions

    All looking really well!
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    Security checks at Brum

    Yeah I saw them, it appears they were just pulling the men over from what I saw.