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  1. alxndr

    COSS Course

    Make sure that you go into it with the right attitude. I've heard of instructors recently—and quite rightly—failing people for not giving the impression that they understand the gravity of the role and all it entails. It sounds as though you do care though, so that shouldn't be an issue, it's...
  2. alxndr

    Your experiences of having contact with the police.

    I've had five interactions with the police. In all I've had no problems and they've been fairly lenient towards me when technically they could probably have taken things further, but it has all been either incredibly minor or I probably learned my lesson anyway (e.g. crashing a moped). That...
  3. alxndr

    Passenger "Mutiny" Due To Missed Stop At Swindon

    It was stopped between Highworth Junction and South Marston as I went past on a down train (as per signalmaps screenshot, time 1939). We were held at Bourton to let an up train crossover after they ran reversible around it.
  4. alxndr

    Near miss with track workers at Eccles, 22 July 2021

    As I said, I’m not trying to defend at all, I am also a COSS and wouldn’t dream of abandoning my team let alone handing the line back without knowing they’re all safe and clear. I’m just trying to understand how he might have justified his actions to himself prior to doing them. Understanding...
  5. alxndr

    Near miss with track workers at Eccles, 22 July 2021

    I don't think that's an unreasonable explanation. If that was the case, I wonder if having worked at Patricroft earlier that night (where trains would have taken longer to arrive in that direction) influenced this assumption. (not defending or trying to justify because its absolutely wrong and...
  6. alxndr

    Petrol panic buying

    Was there not a screw in spout hidden under the label? I don't think I've ever found one which didn't.
  7. alxndr

    Petrol panic buying

    Really? We had a van that would top out at 64-65 mph and it was generally possible to maintain that top speed with no issues (and still use the correct lanes, unlike some).
  8. alxndr

    Petrol panic buying

    I feel as though some people are, although perhaps I've just gotten unlucky with the people that I've been behind.
  9. alxndr

    Petrol panic buying

    We were told to fill all our vans when the first rumblings of it getting silly started, just in case. Would have been adding to the situation, but we can’t do anything if we can’t get there. Worst case scenario is hopefully that we have to switch to another van than usual. Thankfully due to...
  10. alxndr

    GP Surgeries - What is your experience like?

    Pre-pandemic I always used to go in in-person to book appointments or collect test results as it was far easier than trying to get through on the telephone. At one point it wasn't uncommon to hear reports of there being 2+ hour waits on the phone, ending in getting cut off or told there were no...
  11. alxndr

    Finalists - Best UK 'High Speed' train

    At least one (I'm 25).
  12. alxndr

    RSSB Rule Book App log-in.

    Crikey, I'm one of the select few who have a login then, and that's presumably more because I got in early than being anyone important as I'm very much not. No wonder I'm the only person I know who has access...
  13. alxndr

    Difficulty obtaining large sized men's shoes?

    Have you tried different widths? The Steitz boots we are issued have different widths available so if you normally need a half size to allow for width rather than length that might help. That said, I accidentally got my boots a size up when I started and anything else feels wrong now, even...
  14. alxndr

    mortgage broker with railway insight

    I've never had a problem, except initially when they overlooked the 4 weekly pay. Once that was pointed out it was simple. They took the headline pay, plus 50% of the average overtime in the 6 month period I provided payslips for. That was more than sufficient for me, but I'm not one for pushing...
  15. alxndr

    Kids on the signal gantry at Kirby Cross

    I don't know the area, but it's not uncommon for the tops of signal posts to be near enough the OLE to require an isolation of the OLE to work on safely. The safe distance is 2.75m (9ft) which is a fair way.
  16. alxndr

    Whittlesey - collision between freight train and tractor. (19/08/21)

    From the signage it does appear to be POGO, see my earlier post on this point:
  17. alxndr

    Whittlesey - collision between freight train and tractor. (19/08/21)

    The issue is making it sufficiently robust to meet the requirements for a safety critical circuit.
  18. alxndr

    Is this a bit of GWR 'bridge rail'?

    Yes, there's more of it around than you might think!
  19. alxndr

    Whittlesey - collision between freight train and tractor. (19/08/21)

    Looking at it as a whole, I find that I see the large "STOP" message, and then my attention is drawn to the numbered list. I'm looking for instructions, and we're accustomed to seeing instructions in ordered lists. If you've ever used a recipe (especially online) there's a title, a blurb that...
  20. alxndr

    Whittlesey - collision between freight train and tractor. (19/08/21)

    THS761 is approximately 400 meters to the east and would be facing the direction that would be visible from the crossing, so it is possible that a tractor driver could see a green light. Whether someone would be daft enough to somehow think that applied to them or meant that a train wasn't...