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    Southeastern "Super Saturday" challenge

    Southeastern have a £20 "SuperSaturday" ticket for this coming Saturday (6th October) - as part of this they have set the "Super Saturday Challenge" - who can travel over the * entire * Southeastern network in the fastest time possible. Details here...
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    Least sold product?

    I've been wondering for a while what the least sold / used product is on the national rail network. By product I don't mean a ticket to a specific rail location but something like AAA ( Accompanied Animals and Articles ) obscure rover or platform ticket. In my 23 years in the industry I don't...
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    Railway switchboard is no more

    Hi, Apologies if this has been reported elsewhere.. The Railway Switchboard: 0870 000 5151 has now closed down, meaning that apart from NRE there is no longer one number people can call for the industry / be put through to wherever requested etc. Likewise if you're a member of staff...
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    Through fares to Isle of Man

    A friend of mine is travelling from Wales to the Isle of Man via the Heysham to Douglas ferry as an alternative to flying. Looking at NRE, the correct fares and times are offered for the journey but when clicking through to "buy tickets" none of the TOC websites can actually sell the...
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    Phil Sayer > Station announcements

    Apologies if this has been posted elsewhere.. I was shocked and saddened to hear that Phil Sayer, the voice of many railway station announcements, has had to retire with immediate effect for health reasons More info:
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    Southeastern info & social media vacancies

    Hi, Southeastern are looking for new people to join the Information & Social media team, in the Control Centre at Blackfriars. I have a particular interest in these vacancies so thought it would be a good idea to post them here. Details are here...
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    The most stupid press article ever (regarding Glebe Way foot crossing)

    I can't justify in words my anger, frustration and despair at this article.. Rather than explain it, just pay a visit to
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    London International - PRIV discount?

    Hi, Just checked on and it seems that the PRIV discount is now available on the Euro Saver Return fare (in conjunction with a Eurostar ticket) to "London International" Just wanted to check if this was correct?
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    SWT PF query

    Hi.. I've posted this on a different forum but they suggested I posted it here.. Here's my original post from the end of November: Hi, As I've not needed to buy a ticket for nearly 20 years, my knowledge on Penalty Fares is a bit ropey so I'm hoping someone knowledgeable here can...
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    Disruption info on Twitter

    Evening all - Just a quick heads up that "official" disruption information to the rail network is now available as a Twitter feed. There's also a feed for each TOC too, just search for "National Rail" The official go live date is on Monday but has...