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  1. The Gricer

    37905 & 37906 control cards stolen

    Received this tonight. Spread the word. Someone, somewhere must know something. Frank
  2. The Gricer

    73235 goes into store

    According to reports on a couple of gen groups 73235 is going down to Bournemouth (from Stewarts Lane) today LE with 73109 where 235 will be put into store. Presumably no longer needed with the demise of the Wessies. Frank
  3. The Gricer

    First/GBRf livery

    Saw one of the new First/GBRf liveried 66s go past the window this morning, (66726) the first one I have seen 'in real life'. I don't know if it was because of the sunshine and the fact that it looked in 'just out of the box' condition, but I thought the new livery looked a lot better than I had...
  4. The Gricer

    Stagecoach wins SWT franchise

    Stagecoach has been awarded the South Western Trains franchise from February 2007, the Department for Transport announced yesterday.,,1878660,00.html Frank
  5. The Gricer

    Handy desktop 'live departures' utility

    Came across this useful little program. It gives a display of arrivals/departures from a selected station on your desktop. Although it's called Tubetrack it can display times for the DLR, National Rail and Dublin Dart. It needs no installation, just run the exe. The windows version is under 1MB...
  6. The Gricer

    Latest 442 to Ilford

    The latest 442 to be taken to Ilford is 2412 which just went slowly up through Farnborough (behind the stopper) dragged by 66518 at about 13:15 Frank Edit: the thread title should of course say 442, NOT 422 :rolleyes:
  7. The Gricer v Google Earth

    Anyone who has been disappointed with the view of their area in Google Earth might like to try looking at the same area in Basingstoke for instance looks really naff in Google Earth but incredibly good in Another advantage is that there is no download required to...
  8. The Gricer

    New 442 livery

  9. The Gricer

    Visit to London last week

    I've finally got round to uploading pictures from last weeks visit to London with Damon and TheSlash. If you're interested in looking through the list you'll find it here:- Frank
  10. The Gricer

    Ouch! Warning to birds.

    Warning to birds: Flying into trains travelling at 100mph can damage your health! Warning to humans: Don't look at this if you get squeamish easily, (although there is no blood and guts). Picture taken by (and copyright of) Roger Marks, a Chiltern driver...
  11. The Gricer

    Goodbye Doreen

    According to posts on the WRGen group the first class 442 Wessie has been withdrawn. The unit 2416 "Mum in a Million 1997 - Doreen Scanlon" has been taken off lease due to "non standard troublesome air conditioning and a shortage of spares for the rest of the fleet". Frank
  12. The Gricer

    Latest 442 for Ilford

    The latest pig to go to Ilford for it's C6 overhaul is 2408. It went up past here (Farnborough) a while ago behind 66519. Frank
  13. The Gricer

    45231 on the Cathedrals Express

    45231 "Sherwood Forrester" between Farnborough and Fleet today on the Cathedrals Express. Pity the sun didn't show. Frank
  14. The Gricer

    Serco test train

    Got a pic of the Serco train this morning as it passed through between Fleet and Farnborough at 09:10. It's not a brilliant shot and the subject is only just in frame, but then it was shifting at quite a rate!
  15. The Gricer

    Midland Railway -Butterley

    I've finally gotten round to uploading some photos I took at the Midland Railway a couple of weekends ago. You'll find them here Frank
  16. The Gricer

    'Torn' for the hard of hearing

    No offence to the hard of hearing or those that sign for them but I think even they might find this amusing:- Frank
  17. The Gricer

    We overtook an HST on the M1

    Anyone recognise this young enthusiast taking a pic of 43008 at Woodall services on the M1? We were travelling up to Newcastle last Friday when we overtook a transporter carrying 43008 "City of Aberdeen". We stopped at the next services thinking we might be able to get a photo as it went...
  18. The Gricer

    More Dawlish pics

    As you probably know by now, on Thursday myself, Coxster and Dennis went down to Dawlish and took a stroll along the seawall. Well, you've seen Dennis' photos, you've seen Damon's, if you can bear to look at more of the same - here's mine:- Frank
  19. The Gricer

    31452 and 31454 heading south

    Just seen 31452 'Minotaur' and 31454 'The Heart of Wessex' go through here (Farnborough) on the down slow heading a rake of SRPS coaches. Anyone know anything about it? I can't seem to find any mention of it. Frank
  20. The Gricer

    New GBRf Metronet class 66s

    I see the new GBRf Metronet liveried class 66s have arrived at Newport Docks. There is a picture on Colin J Marsden's site. Due to the way the site is constructed I cant link to the page, only to the picture:- Frank