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  1. Andy

    Devon Day Rangers GWR

    Hi all, Slight problem here. We’re in Devon for the day and wanting to visit a few places. All these places inc. our original point either don’t have ticket offices or their ticket offices don’t open on a Sunday. Guards aren’t doing ticket checks and I tried to buy via the website but I’m not...
  2. Andy

    Railtalk Magazine - Issue 164

    Issue 164 Low Quality Standard Quality High Quality Railtalk Magazine is a free monthly online digital magazine (e-mag), provided in PDF format.
  3. Andy

    Railtalk Magazine - Issue 164xtra (International Edition)

    Issue 164xtra Low Quality Standard Quality High Quality Railtalk Magazine is a free monthly online digital magazine (e-mag), provided in PDF format. Railtalk Magazine xtra, looks across the world with photos from contributors from Europe and beyond, we're able to showcase some of the...
  4. Andy

    Devon Day Ranger - Consecutive Days

    Hi all, Odd one. Can anyone explain why there is the difference below; see attachment. Consecutive days, same operator for purchasing. Ok, one was from the Ticket Office and the other the Gate Line (as there was no ticket office at the Origin station). However surely they should be the...
  5. Andy

    Railtalk Magazine - 10th Anniversary

    Following slightly behind RailUK Forums, Railtalk Magazine this month is celebrating its 10th Birthday. Over the past few years the Magazine has grown from a Small Readership to around 10,000 Monthly readers around the World. An request of a couple of the Forums Staff, I was asked to post on...
  6. Andy

    Railtalk Magazine/Railtalk Xtra - Issue 100

    Hi all, I just though I'd post links to Issue 100 of Railtalk Magazine and Railtalk Xtra. We have come along way since Issue 1 and we just want to spread the word about the magazine. Either you know about the Magazine and currently subscribe. However if your new, give it a read and let us know...
  7. Andy

    1/2 a HST and 1 & 1/2 144(?)

    Hi all, I thought I'd share this, as I found it slightly amusing! The old problems with google maps are still around i see. While looking for a company in Leeds i came across what can only be described as half an HST and one and a half Class 144s(?)...
  8. Andy

    Railtalk Online Magazine - Latest Issues

    Hi all, I've been asked by a couple of people to post links to the magazine on the forum again so, Issue 78 and 78xtra of Railtalk Magazine now available to download. The links are as follows: (Main Magazine)...
  9. Andy

    Heljan Class 52 diesel D1013 "Western Ranger"

    Hi, I'm after purchasing the above model. I have done a lot of searching but as yet i've been unable to source an example for sale. Here is my question. Does anyone have or know anyone/where that has this model for sale? Thanks in advance for your help. Cheers Andy
  10. Andy

    Guess what as been removed and the location

    Hi all, Just a quick one, and to see how well I've done at this... Can anyone guess the location, and what has been removed from this picture. Thanks Andy
  11. Andy

    York to still get barriers?

    Is york still to get ticket barriers even though NXEC has departed (no pun intended). It look like York is going to, but when and how. A part of what looks like a partition from a ticket barrier have been erected behine the advert pannel between the end of platform 1 and the lounge. Also a...
  12. Andy

    Railtalk Magazine - Issue 40, New year, New style

    Hi All, Issue 40 of Railtalk Magazine now available to download. As always wirg the new year, it brings something new to the magazine. Its a time that we all have to make some changes. But this year, we see a whole new style to the magazine, and we hope you like it. Over the next few issues...
  13. Andy

    Worth a shot(?)

    Hi All, This maybe worth a shot, but i think i know the answer already. A friend has just bought a brand new 13" Macbook Pro (with a Nvidia Geforce 9400M graphics card), he didn't relise that nvidia was such a problem :D He has installed Windows 7 on bootcamp. Which went rather well...
  14. Andy

    Railtalk Magazine - Issue 37

    Hi All, Issue 37 of Railtalk Magazine now available to download. In this issue: * The end "The Olhdam Loop" * Fare Advice * Brian Redhead Remembered Download: Or the high quality version...
  15. Andy

    Long Marston Open Weekend - Your Thoughts

    Hi All, In conjunction with the the Long Marston Open Day event, im am writing a special edition of the magazine for the event. Could it be possible for people to write about there thoughts, and also if anyone was lucky enough to get any sunny pictures on the Sunday, it would be great...
  16. Andy

    Railtalk Magazine - Issue33

    Hi All, Issue 33 of Railtalk Magazine now available to download. In this issue: * GCR North Diesel Gala * First look at new Class 380 for Scotrail * Railtour Review with Andrew Flusk Download: Or the high quality...
  17. Andy

    Do you have any faulty models??

    Hi All, Ive just been wondering if anyone has and faulty models that they are wanting to get rid of? Ive got a small layout and just want some faulty locos that i can get cheap to pull around, or with defects. Im after modern models, i.e. ones with have directional working lights (but...
  18. Andy

    Anyone intrested in brass bands???

    If there is anyone intressted in brass bands, ive just launched my long running project, a brand new website for my local band. The York R.I. Golden Rail Brass Band, is based in York, and player in venues accross York and Yorkshire. The link is: Thanks...
  19. Andy

    Railtalk Magazine - Issue 32

    This is to let you know that Issue 32 of Railtalk Magazine now available to download. We apologise for delay to this month’s magazine, it was due to the editorial team having a jolly good day out with Retro Railtours. Or the high quality...
  20. Andy

    Railtalk Magazine - Issue 31

    Dear Reader, This email is to let you know that Issue 31 of Railtalk Magazine now available to download. Or the high quality version Or the SWF format of the magazine...