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  1. themiller

    New Tyne & Wear trains.

    Now that the order’s placed and announcements made, does anyone know if the new trains will be capable of working under 25kV as was originally intended in case the Network Rail line down the Durham coast was electrified for heavy rail?
  2. themiller

    Mail barrow tractors

    I'm trying to find any information relating to the small 4-wheeled barrow tractors that used to be seen at larger stations. The ones that I mean used to have internal combustion engines, rear wheels larger than front wheels, pneumatic tyres and a 'claw' tow hitch for hauling the barrows which...
  3. themiller

    Gauge / clearance restrictions on the Cumbrian Coast line?

    Moderator note: Split from I believe that the problem lies north of Maryport. The Millom restriction that you mention is because it was rare for trains to turn back north of there. Now there’s a...
  4. themiller

    Transport Select Committee calls for cancelled electrification schemes to be reinstated

    I've just read in Railnews online that there are calls from the Commons Transport Committee to 'uncancel' those schemes that Chris Grayling binned and place them in the Rail Network Enhancements Pipeline along with East - West Rail so that further work can be done on them to bring the costs...
  5. themiller

    OJEU Notice for new trains (Arriva)

    I came across this the other day whilst trawling the net looking for any hint of a spec for the new DRS locos. Does anyone know if it refers to and additional order (in view of the...
  6. themiller

    Royal mail barrow tugs/tractors

    I've been at several stations in years gone by before the days of the BRUTE where the mail barrows were pulled by small diesel tugs. Despite a search on Google, I can't find any information or photos of them. From memory, they had larger wheels and tyres at the rear, a Scammell type bonnet and a...
  7. themiller

    New maximum container length of 50' rather than 45'?

    Today on a southbound container train through Carlisle, I spotted a 50' container. Is this a new development? I thought that the longest containers on rail in the UK were 45'.
  8. themiller

    IF electrification extended to Middlesbrough...?

    I realise that this is probably "pie-in-the-sky" but if the line to Middlesbrough were to be electrified for TPE (or its replacement), leaving aside bureaucracy, would it be possible for GBRf to run their ex-Norwegian NSB Ni8s to and from Tees Yard as a changeover point with electric traction...
  9. themiller

    Cummersdale viaduct

    Does anyone know the status of the Cummersdale viaduct between Dalston and Carlisle. It's been closed due to the flooding but was due an inspection this afternoon to check for scouring around the base.