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    Rail Freight Flows and News UK

    The FCC Peterborough job is going into a new site on DB land - it’ll be a new siding etc which is currently being built now.
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    Whittlesey - collision between freight train and tractor. (19/08/21)

    This is a very quiet user worked crossing, on one side is a farm building with a bungalow next to it and the other from memory is fields! What confuses me is that the visibility is excellent there, it is on a completely straight section of track and the weather was good yesterday. I don’t see...
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    Longest distance - depot to start?

    If we are bringing a train back from Felixstowe it’s a case of passenger train to Ipswich from Peterborough then either taxi from Ipswich to Felixstowe or train to Felixstowe station then taxi to our train at the docks. Quite a journey!
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    How many applications and interviews until you cracked it?

    Pure luck for me, 1st time applying for driver role and got the job. Started December 2019, came from a completely different background, non railway.
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    Felixstowe freight workings at night time

    As others have mentioned there is engineering works on the normal route (Via Ely) which means we have to take the long route! Also makes it more troublesome as there are drivers who only sign part of the diversion route compared to normal. I think it’s back to normal on Friday.
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    DCR Qualified

    I would like to know this as well, they have been advertising for quite some time but I struggle to find any info before actually go going ahead and applying.
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    Intermodal freights on Midland/Chiltern Mainline

    As others have have mentioned, both route don’t go anywhere helpful for the intermodal freight, also on the MML I was under the impression there was clearance issues for the larger boxes. (According to the train lists produced for our trains at work)
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    Ely Queen Adelaide Loop Train.

    If running to Trowse yard, Brandon or Norwich yard we (freight) use the loop (if it’s the one I’m thinking of) - it can be used in both directions as we use it on the way back as well to head towards Peterborough.
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    1820 hours is what initially put me off, a full 228 more then what is currently in my contract, and then worsened by the lack of decent RPS pension. Potentially you would get to drive comfy new locos if that is your thing!
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    Junior Driver - DB Cargo UK

    I’ve just had the same as well mate, December the 9th start date and all uniform/PPE order forms to complete - Although the contract will follow shortly I’ve been told! I’m in for the Peterborough depot, what about yourself?
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    Junior Driver - DB Cargo UK

    I am in the same position as you, I was told a December the 9th start date, I’m getting a little bit concerned as I haven’t heard anything since and I would need to hand my notice in at my current workplace fairly soon! So I’m kind of hoping to hear something within the next few days, if not...
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    dB apprenticeship trainee drivers

    I’m exactly the same position as well! Hopefully we’ll find out very soon.
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    dB apprenticeship trainee drivers

    Thank you very much! I went for Peterborough (Although I think it was listed as Cambridge) Which is good as it's defined as a hub, so from what I understand is that it's more or less straight into mainline driving as there is no depot there. I think the wait was just over a week (most...
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    dB apprenticeship trainee drivers

    Quick update just to keep everyone in the loop, I had my DMI a couple of weeks back which thankfully I passed, I’ve been offered the position as long as I pass the medical which is booked for the start of September! I think I have been very very lucky to even get this far, but so far...
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    dB apprenticeship trainee drivers

    I applied for this on the 8th of June, I heard back from them inviting me to an assessment day on the 18 of June, which included all the tests in the morning and then a MMI in the afternoon. Thankfully I passed everything and now I’m just waiting for a confirmation letter in the post. I applied...