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    Trainline/GWR anti-fraud partnership

    This press release was posted this morning to rail trade publications: 'LONDON, 28th July 2021: Trainline has partnered with Great Western Railway (GWR) to reduce refund fraud by 39% across all its routes. Trainline’s fraud and tech teams work together to identify customers most likely to...
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    Carbis Bay Station

    A railway enthusiast I know has been searching for an old photo of Carbis Bay Station. This is a single platform station and had its name spelled out on the bank opposite the platform in white stones. Originally the name was spelled out in sea shells and it's photos of this original feature that...
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    Aosta Valley

    I was reading the weekly bulletin from Railway Gazette and cam across this: 3&utm_campaign=MRnewsletter- 25/03/2020 I'm aware that there's...
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    National Rail Enquiries App

    Is anyone else having problems with this app? On my Samsung A70 (Android 9) it opens and immediately crashes. It was fine on my old phone, but that was the pre December 13 2019 version.
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    Advance ticket refund if not travelling due to disruption

    Despite advance tickets generally not being refundable, can one get them refunded in the event that one cannot travel due to disruption? Thanks in advance for help.
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    Could WM Trains only tickets be considered valid on Virgin services from Milton Keynes to London?

    Announcements (audible and visual) on the platforms for Virgin trains heading towards London at MKC say that "tickets marked West Midlands Trains only are not valid on this train". As far as I'm aware, not WMT only tickets are available at MKC. Those tickets that are not "any service" or Virgin...
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    London Midland complementary day pass

    I had a few of these. Planning to use them today and tomorrow. They expire on 10th December. In passing, I saw a Tweet today saying effectively .....last day of LM today (9th December); tickets bought previously still valid. Decided to check and LM Twitter said the passes can't be used tomorrow...
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    Milton Keynes to Glasgow avoiding Voyager!

    My wife and I are travelling from Milton Keynes Central to Glasgow on 25th July and planning to catch the 10:13 (09:43 ex Euston). We plan to return on 29th July and plan to catch the 10:00 or 12:00 trains to Milton Keynes. I want to avoid Voyagers. Are any or all the trains above...
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    Milton Keynes to/from Olympia

    We are travelling out from MK to Olympia on the direct Southern service and back from Euston. We don't need the tube. Would a retun via London ve valid for both legs? Thanks in advance.? Off peak both ways. We were actually sold MK to Olympia NOT via London and Olympia to MK via London an a...
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    Pendolino or Voyager?

    I am travelling out on 18th May on the 0813 Milton Keynes Central to Glasgow (0743 ex Euston) and returning on the 1000 from Glasgow on 19th. Does anyone know, please, if these are Pendolino diagrams?
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    Euston to Milton Keynes

    My daughter has an annual Gold Card and was travelling from EUS to MKC yesterday but was unabpe to obtain the off peak, discounted single fare from the London Midland ticket machine at Euston in time to catch the last off peak train at 16:46, nor would it allow the discount on an anytime ticket...
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    Pendolino or Voyager

    on Sunday 27th July (planning ahead) we are travelling from Milton Keynes to Edinburgh. We plan to take the 0932 from MKC (0845 ex Euston to Glasgow) and then change at Crewe for the 1111 (1020 ex Birmingham) to Edinburgh. Does anyone know whether Pendolino or Voyagers are allocated to these...