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  1. vicbury

    Residents cut down a wood on Bristol railway line without permission to improve their views

    From the Bristol Post this morning: This raises many questions: Why were the tree surgeons not arresting for trespassing on the railway? Why did Network Rail not turn up until Friday when the works happened on Thursday and Friday? Is the stability of the embankment now compromised? Can the...
  2. vicbury

    FGW 9-coach HST

    Travelled on the 08:13 from Bath Spa this morning which was formed of a 9-coach HST (two coach Ks if I remember correctly). I've never experienced a 9-coach HST before so I presume it's not ideal. I wonder if there were any issues with platform lengths at any stations?
  3. vicbury

    Fancy preserving an Optare Solo?

    If anyone is interested in preserving an Optare Solo, Andrew Wickham of Go South Coast is offering them on Twitter to anybody who is a 'genuine preservationist': Tweet 1 Tweet 2 Source: Tweet 1
  4. vicbury

    Bendy Buses by the Line

    During my travels on the Great Western Main Line I have noticed a collection of buses parked on this piece of land adjacent to the GWML. Usually there was what looked like an ex-Brighton Mercedes bendy bus along with a collection of various other vehicles including what looks like an...
  5. vicbury

    This 125mph train is fitted with LASERS.

    An interesting article about Network Rail's New Measurement Train was published by The Register on Monday. Mobile-friendly version here. I haven't quoted the text as it goes over multiple pages. Quite informative for those like me who don't know a lot about the railways.
  6. vicbury

    Swindon - Fratton breaking at Southampton

    Hi all, I hope I am posting this in the right place. I have a 16-25 railcard and I need to do the following journeys: 25/10 or 26/10: Swindon - Fratton 28/10: Fratton - Swindon spending the day at Southampton (alighting and departing at Southampton Central) The cheapest ticket which I have...
  7. vicbury

    Historic Train Data

    Apologies if I've posted this in the wrong forum, moderators please move if so. Is there any website on which I can find out actual arrival and departure times for previous train journeys? I previously used Real Time Trains to find this out but they no longer seem to have any data other than...
  8. vicbury

    Travelling to Portsmouth or Weymouth? Follow the pink arrows.

    New signage has gone up on the Portsmouth / London platform at Bath Spa advising passengers for Portsmouth or Weymouth to follow the pink arrows to the eastern end of the platform. Trains are now stopping at the eastern end rather than by the stairs entry / exit stairs further to the west...
  9. vicbury

    Southampton Unilink

    Hi all, Having enrolled at the University of Southampton this week, I would like to share some comments and observations of the Unilink bus service. I made two return trips between the Highfield Campus and Southampton Central and overall I was pretty impressed with the service. For...
  10. vicbury

    Beautiful Coaches

    We've had a thread on here before commemorating the best looking buses, so I thought we could have one on the best looking coaches (apologies if this has been done before) as coaches often look more striking and elegant than buses. Here are my top three, in no particular order: VDL Bova Futura...