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    Grand Central Cab Ride DVD

    hi all heads up iv already orderd mine now cant wait. Scream My Beauti. FX
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    today vsoe vic - edin times?

    hi everyone. Does anyone have times of the vsoe runing today sat 8th aug? Runing via ecml ?
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    this sat steam tour vic - ely ((times))

    hi all heres times for this sats steamer. so excited its via tothale my work stn. and im on it too. anyone else on the tour??? tc matty Outward Journey London Victoria to Ely Train Reporting No: 1Z84 Load: 11 Coaches Stock: RP01 Loco: Standard Class 8 71000 `Duke of...
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    tottenham hale

    hi all. yesterday 2 lads from this forum came down to tothale stn. cant rember the screen names who they were lol i was hanging about ready to see of a stansted express and they aprouched me "are u delticmatt" i said yep thats me lol so if they was u plz get in touch on here...
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    Tours of today

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    any thing special comin to didcot tomwz?

    hi all. is anything due to come to didcot tomwz out of the blue? maybe ecs working , serco , 60s , light engie runs etc thanx matty
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    funny annoucements

    hi all ok lets have some fun. those of you thats heard some funny annoucnements or said some on p.a lets hear them. il start. i was on a train once and a guard on board said "ok ladies and gentleman we are aprouchin the new tunnel 1 2 3...
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    one stansted express tottenham hale

    Hi all Anyone travel via Tottenham Hale? I work there. Got good bunch of guys there. Some of us are great on the PA. "next serivce to arrive on plat 2 is for tarlow hown and ansted stairport" lol Let us know if you pass through there? matty
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    wcr tour tomwz??

    hi all. does anyone have route n times for the wcr tour tomwz. thinks starting from fins park due to engineering. not sure where its going any times? matty
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    wat traction 5Z66??

    hi all does anyone know wats hauling the 5Z66 tomwz? 66 poss? a 47 wil do for me. but money on a skip lol hope someone can help. matty
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    class 310/12 Footage ???

    hi i really miss the 310/12s running does anyone have footage of them? if so plz get in touch. many thanx matty
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    Garden Railways In Uk ???

    hi all Hi all. wonder if anyone can help. I wonder if anyone can help me. im tryn to findout if theres any garden railways shows in uk? I am trying to find out if there are any garden railway shows in the UK? seen some weblinks for usa places. I have seen some links for USA shows. can...
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    Tours of today

    hi all just would like to say i saw 47 hrt bluepullman and a ews 90 skoda tour my videos can been seen here. all my tour clips are here. hope you enjoy. thanx matty