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  1. nutter

    Trainee Train Driver - London Midland

    Hi Making a return after many years away Ive been invited for interview at wolves (awaiting date). A week after I pass shunter and passenger guard exams on a heritage railway. Hopefully that'll help in the interview as its always been the interviews I struggle with lol
  2. nutter

    Possible new job

    Well, the assesment and interview both went really well, I find out whether or not I re-join the ranks "mid week"
  3. nutter

    Possible new job

    After the turmoil of leaving NWR's apprenticeship scheme, which is still my biggest regret, i have had confirmation just that I have an assessment for a station assistants job at Birmingham Snow Hill YEAH I could be on my way up after a long down hill
  4. nutter

    MAJOR computer error

    managed to dig a restpre point out from yesterday, and the other user spaces are working, thanks for the advice
  5. nutter

    MAJOR computer error

    Basically, I tried to add the ailiner pilot add-on for FS2004, but to get it working on a vista system, i had to install FS2004 into the users area, in it's own folder called Flight simulator 9 (equivelent to been in the Microsoft games folder). Since I did this, I am the only one who can log...
  6. nutter

    Sign help?

    It means the AWS warning you will have just recieved does not apply to you. I only know of them on branches. As the magnets are always live when a signal is on, it can't be turned off, when you pass it in the wrong direction, such as on a branch, you still get an aws warning. It's just so...
  7. nutter

    How not to cross a motorway

    Thats not the full version which was initially on Motorway cops (the fuller version in the program). Lets put it this way, I had 4 accidents in 3 months last xmas, so i'm quite emune to this sort of thing, but this shook me up. To be honest, I'm glad they showed the full version, because...
  8. nutter

    Euro truck simulator downloads

    Well, I asked the publishers if there were any plans to do a UK add-on, and all I got was an e-mail saying it'd been passed onto developers. Just imagine the M20 at the moment LOL
  9. nutter

    Euro truck simulator downloads

    Thanks MB As for the other games, I've never tried them, but ETS is very good in my opinion. It can get tedious after a bit, but i still enjoy it. I never realised driving a lorry was so sifficult until I got this game. The fatigue option makes it a bit interesting, with the 'will i wont i'...
  10. nutter

    Euro truck simulator downloads

    I have a few downloads for ETS, but they are .rar files. How do you extract them on vista, will getting winzip help? If your interested, I found the downloads at Many thanks Mark
  11. nutter

    New Sigcent Doncaster

    It's because were on the much better FREEEEEEEEEEEE simsig :-D :wink:
  12. nutter

    Just found.....

    Simsig didcot aint hard because the computer does 95% of the work (ARS) As for royston, sounds like you've left a signal in auto on the london line. Just un-click the blue filled in circle by the signal and then the route should release As for stafford. It's pretty basic. VW5 (colwich loop)...
  13. nutter

    New simsigs

    If it's not your screen res then ask on the simsig forum.
  14. nutter

    New simsigs

    New versions of bristol and gloucester have been released today. No major update as such, but these ones wont have the test version expired message and a few other bugs have been fixed too
  15. nutter

    Download Accelerators

    Is there any ways of checking for these? I've asked my dad and he says we haven't got one, but I can't download from the MT web-site. They've told me I need to make sure these aren't on the system, just odd I suppose. When i try to download, i get a file size of 1.41kb
  16. nutter

    New simsigs

    These are only beta's, but there is a totally NEW Gloucester, and updated Bristol, Exeter and Westbury, with Didcot and Swindon merged into one sim with full ARS. They have been totally re designed. Have a look for yourself on, go to the forums/news/new versions almost...
  17. nutter

    Network Rail Advanced Apprentiship

    Thas something i didn't mention in case i put FR off, is that NWR is VERY good at breaking promises, even down to the basics like equipment, and then when you get the proper kit yourself (i'm using the "waterproof" jackets as an example) they have a go at you. On the tracks I can understand...
  18. nutter

    Network Rail Advanced Apprentiship

    The NWR apprenticeship has (when I started/finished) a "guranteed job" according to the line mananger and all the other HR people. Just dont do what i did and jack it in, cos it'll be the worst decison of your life. I jacked it in for a girl, and regretted it ever since. If you want to know...
  19. nutter

    NWM June update

    I think it's more to do with copyright than realism, plus a conflict of interest on phil's part. Just my idea. Great update by the way
  20. nutter

    How do you explain it to norms?

    LOL, i used to work on nights at welcome break telford, so had to deal with papers etc, i once moved 3 sunday morning bundles in one go, never again, worked out afterwards I had 40kg in my arms, i'm only approx 60kg, and my arms are like chicken legs As for explaining to 'norms', simple, tell...