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  1. nutter

    Possible new job

    After the turmoil of leaving NWR's apprenticeship scheme, which is still my biggest regret, i have had confirmation just that I have an assessment for a station assistants job at Birmingham Snow Hill YEAH I could be on my way up after a long down hill
  2. nutter

    MAJOR computer error

    Basically, I tried to add the ailiner pilot add-on for FS2004, but to get it working on a vista system, i had to install FS2004 into the users area, in it's own folder called Flight simulator 9 (equivelent to been in the Microsoft games folder). Since I did this, I am the only one who can log...
  3. nutter

    Euro truck simulator downloads

    I have a few downloads for ETS, but they are .rar files. How do you extract them on vista, will getting winzip help? If your interested, I found the downloads at Many thanks Mark
  4. nutter

    Download Accelerators

    Is there any ways of checking for these? I've asked my dad and he says we haven't got one, but I can't download from the MT web-site. They've told me I need to make sure these aren't on the system, just odd I suppose. When i try to download, i get a file size of 1.41kb
  5. nutter

    New simsigs

    These are only beta's, but there is a totally NEW Gloucester, and updated Bristol, Exeter and Westbury, with Didcot and Swindon merged into one sim with full ARS. They have been totally re designed. Have a look for yourself on, go to the forums/news/new versions almost...
  6. nutter

    YP minimum fares on Rovers/Rangers?

    Simple question. As I've brought the rover with a YPR, can i use it before 10am (T&C's of the YPR) or is it 9am with the rover? I'm coming either way, i just dont fancy gettin told the rover is invalid due to the use of the YPR. I'm due in new street at about 09:55 btw
  7. nutter

    Which Bike to go for

    I have a problem. I'm not sure what bike to go for. Choice of 2 (I'm getting them new) Honda CBR 125 '08...
  8. nutter

    Things do happen in shropshire too you know Unfortunatly, i was in telford serving a load of whoppers so I missed all the fun
  9. nutter

    Who said brits were boring
  10. nutter

    These will make you smile
  11. nutter

    New way to remember phonetics

    Alpha - me big man Bravo - well done (in french) Charlie - I've been smoking too much ;) Delta - goodrem (hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm) Echo - echo echo echo Foxtrot - cross breed between foxes and horses Golf - bad german engineering and bad fashion Hotel - double bed sir or king size India - lovley food...
  12. nutter

    Albrighton-carlisle via S&c

    Soon I shall be travelling from albrighton to carlisle via settle on the outward journey (walking from ribblehead to dent), NRE have told me to change at wolves, manchester and leeds, and then the return journey shall be straight from carlisle to albrighton via the WCML NRE have also told me I...
  13. nutter

    New sims on the horizon (simsig)

    Just a little update from the simsig forums. There will be TWO sims released later this month, trent and sheffield. They will probably be beta's but you never know
  14. nutter

    Converting music files

    How do you convert Legit WMV files to MP3 files. I have brought loads of tracks off napster but when ever I try and convert them for use with my new phone they say they're license protected, even though I've brought them all for 79p a track The phone, if it helps, is a nokia 6288 or something
  15. nutter

    What song is it?

    I'm lookin for a song about a kid and his father on their tractor blockin up the by pass. It was done by a small group based in the midlands last year (IIRC). I just can't remember the name of the song or the group, with either, i could get a match of napster (it works with my MP3 player before...
  16. nutter

    CV DVD's through wolves

    Are there any cab view dvds (post privatisation, ideally with 390's etc) through wolves in the down direction (brum-wolves-stafford(or even better shrewsbury). The closest I have found are the runfurrow DVD's (but the website hasn't been udated in nearly 5 years) and the kingfisher (IIRC) pines...
  17. nutter

    Moving around the cab on a laptop

    Basically, how do you move around a cab on BVE using a laptop without the number pad. is it possible? I have an 'Fn' button but this does not work (I can get the different tone horns, I just can't move around the cabs. It's an advent 8109 BTW (peice of rubbish to you techno phopes)
  18. nutter

    170 (and someother) sound RA buzzer problems

    I have a problem SOMETIMES with the buzzers on the 158 and 170's When I get the RA from the guard I get a higher pitch buzz than I do when I buzz myself. It's a little niggle but an annoying one on an adapted all stops run (try a 323 run with a 170 or a 158 if you want a REAL challenge)
  19. nutter


    Is it me or is UKtrainsim offline. It's just I could do with a few files
  20. nutter

    Advice on a 1st bike

    I need to get a CBT so I can get into New st. at 4am if (and unforunatly, it is an if) I get a job with Virgin Trains as a 1st class host, and was wondering what would be a good bike to get me started. It needs to be durable and reliable because I will be riding for 30 miles each way. It also...