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    Detailed Rail map of Shipley to Bradford please help

    Does anyone have a decent map of both the up & down lines from Shipley to Bradford Forster Square? I would need it complete with signal numbers and aspects, so more than appears in the sectional appendix. Massive thanks in advance if you can help!
  2. J

    Trainee Train Driver - Virgin Trains East Coast

    Anyone know if Virgin drivers go to full money after qualifying, or is it gradual like Northern?
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    court decides the lack of family-friendly hours is not discriminatory.

    Glad she failed. This sort of thing gives the very valid efforts towards equality a bad name. It is actually sexist on her part to claim that the hours she agreed to are sexually discriminatory - if Mums and Dads are equal parents, why should females get preferential treatment over males? Or...
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    depot train driver

    I've often wondered - does depot pay the same as mainline at Northern? I do know that the classroom training is a lot shorter for depot once you get taken on - about 5 weeks rather than 14
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    Success 2nd time around.

    Can't speak for GTR but successful on second application with Northern. It was a failed assessment first time round and successful second (though the assessments changed in that time). The first application was mentioned in my second interview and they seemed to appreciate my determination. Can...
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    Rail companies in UK

    Unlucky with your results. If it's any consolation I was in the same boat - got a borderline pass on one of the tests, not good enough for my TOC, 3 years ago. Retook the tests privately, (have to wait 6 months), failed one of those new style tests, took that again after waiting another 6...
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    Thank you for all your help

    Can I just second what RBSN says. Over 3 years since I started on here, finally passed everything today and given a start date for Leeds. Thanks to everyone who has given advice on here, and good luck to those starting out or still in process. It's a slow thing this, and sometimes feels like...
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    Thank you for all your help

    Where u based Fred? Not Leeds is it?
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    Failed Hearing Test... What should I do next?

    How badly blocked was your ear? Were you aware of it being blocked before the test? I'm full of cold myself and have a medical tomorrow, I'm worried now...
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    Failed Northern assessment

    You will have to wait 6 months, but you can take them privately with DBS, for a fee. In theory, having the tests 'in the bag' may put you to the front of any queues when a position comes up again as the TOC won't have to find you a slot, or pay. At the very least it shows initiative and...
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    Virgin Qualified Drivers

    One in Leeds according to that Internet
  12. J

    northern leeds trainee driver jobs

    Makkaby I believe numbers that DBS can handle are limited and NR need to send a lot. They will get around to you don't worry, they just need to get slots. Good luck
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    Northern trainee driver course

    Are all the courses in Manchester? None in Leeds?
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    Northern rail Hull trainee driver

    You Hull guys still waiting??
  15. J

    northern leeds trainee driver jobs

    Advertised again today
  16. J

    Northern - Leeds

    Slightly strange, everyone still waiting for assessments or medical from the March advert and interviews only 2 weeks ago. I do think they need a lot though, so good luck to everyone.
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    Trainee Drivers TPE

    This one gone completely cold for everyone has it?
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    northern leeds trainee driver jobs

    Anyone heard anything further yet?
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    Talent pool

    Which TOC talent pool are you in?