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    Detailed Rail map of Shipley to Bradford please help

    Does anyone have a decent map of both the up & down lines from Shipley to Bradford Forster Square? I would need it complete with signal numbers and aspects, so more than appears in the sectional appendix. Massive thanks in advance if you can help!
  2. J

    Northern interview pass / fail

    Hi lads & lasses; I was wondering if any of you know how the scoring system, or passing system works here. I ask because I passed an interview with NR 3 years ago, I was shocked because I felt I really flunked a few questions. On one I was completely stuck but winged an answer I thought poor and...
  3. J

    FTPE Roster and leave

    As I have applied to FTPE as a driver, could anyone tell me about the roster pattern? How many weekends must be worked, and what is the days on/off pattern like? And what is the leave situation? I am led to believe leave allocation is pretty good, can you take it when you want (within reason)?
  4. J

    Northern Conductor

    Havent really considered this until now; have been waiting for another attempt at driver. But there have been a few trainee conductor roles recently, and hating my current job with a passion, starting to think this may be a good way in? Does anyone know if this really is a good way in? Is...
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    TEA-OCC test

    Has anyone out there done this test recently? I just took the assessment day and this was the only module I failed on. I would like to know more about it because I dont really understand why I failed (the OPC are being very cagey about giving feedback. All I have is 'pass' or 'fail' for each). I...
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    2 Hand test

    I've done a search but cant find this.... Does anyone know of a computer based practice tool for the new 2 Hand test (such as there is for the GBT?) Would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, JC
  7. J

    East Coast

    Anyone know if East Coast ever take on trainee drivers? They are one of my local TOCs so would be good for me. Heard a year or so ago that they never do - and Ive never heard of them doing so - but wondered if this was still the case, or if that is true?
  8. J

    Paying your own way on to driver tests

    I think someone here posted something about being able to pay you own way on to the asessments; then if you can get a pass "all" you need to do is find a TOC that is recruiting, and likes your application and DM interview. Anyone know anything about this, who it is with, what it costs?
  9. J

    Intermodal v Heavy Haul @ Freightliner

    Rumour has it that the newly advertised trainees for Freightliner in Leeds are intermodal instead of HH. Can anyone explain the differences, or pros & cons?
  10. J

    Northern Assessment next week

    Hi All; cramming like crazy, seems like being going on for ever now what with rescheduled days but finally its here, or is next week. Thanks to everyone so far, loads of really good info. A couple more questions for those who have done the day at Donny for Northern in recent times: Do...
  11. J

    'Dealt with Emergency' Question

    I have an assessment day rapidly approaching for Northern. I know what they are going to ask in the CBI. This one question bothers me greatly; I havent really dealt with any emergencies especially not of the life or death type. Been racking my brains on this for weeks Anyone got any examples...
  12. J

    Reactions test help please

    I've just found this link to the practice reactions test here on the forum: Reactions test: [[/B] But I dont understand what you are meant to do as there are no instructions; the keyboard pdf doesnt make sense. I get colours and...
  13. J

    Assessment Day Questions

    I have an impending assessment day, for Northern, at Doncaster. I have a good idea of the expected questions for the CBI from various posts here in the forum. I am struggling, big time, for strong 'examples of a time when'. Anyways, there were a few on my application form that I was considering...
  14. J

    'Talent Pool' - does this work?

    I'm thinking of in particular of FTPE and Northern here, but any others that have this system also interesting. It looks like FTPE are putting a lot of people through assessment, who then pass, and getting too many for the positions, then telling people they are in a pool to be considered if...
  15. J

    Mainline Drivers' Role

    All you drivers out there; as I have applied for a role as trainee driver (mainline not depot) I am interested to find out apart from the obvious - ie driving trains - what your role consists of. In particular I have heard people talking about the checks you have to make on the trains, and...
  16. J

    Job security in a TOC, franchise

    I have just applied for trainee driver role with a TOC that has 2 (i think) more years left of running the franchise. I was wondering, what is the situation for staff if the TOC fails to renegotiate the franchise? Such as the situation with National Express / East Coast a year or 2 ago? Do you...