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  1. The Gricer

    Buses that the Pacer is based on?

    Here's a picture of one of the pre-Pacer railcar prototypes (that is quite obviously based on the Leyland National) that I took at Laira depot open day back in 1982.
  2. The Gricer

    APT-P power car number 49006

    I'm told by the chap that took this photo that Shildon volunteers are starting to do the bodywork up. Looks like they have quite a job on!
  3. The Gricer

    Oxshott accident

    Train was the 1505 Guildford to Waterloo,UID W82198, Headcode 2G46 Unit was 5913
  4. The Gricer

    Best loco name???

    Hi to anyone who remembers me, (and indeed to anyone that doesn't). I haven't visited here for ages but came across this thread while looking for something totally unrelated. Just felt I'd like to add a few comments. 66581 was named "Sophie" in memory of ten year old Sophie Storey who was...
  5. The Gricer

    WOW! That's Interesting

    While 480Mb/s (60MB/s) is the theoretical maximum speed of the USB2 "high speed" standard, USB flash drives won't come anywhere near this sort of speed. They are limited by the speed of the nand flash memory chips used in them, (nand flash being very slow when compared to other forms of memory)...
  6. The Gricer

    Mine & TheGricer's Garden

    Dunno about that but I reckon it could have been a certain medical problem of his involving sudden 'air distubances' that started the tornado in the first place! :grin:
  7. The Gricer

    Mine & TheGricer's Garden

    It's actually a bit more than a mark. As you can see in one picture it's a hole. I thought it was made by a washing line eye that was screwed to the post that fell on the car but I suppose it could have been Damon riding over the car practicing his trick cycling! Some of the pics look a bit...
  8. The Gricer

    Pendolino 390010 renamed

    I saw this book at the weekend. I only had a quick flick through but what struck me most was that the colour seemed a little over done. The book has loads of pictures but the saturation of the colour was such that it made everything look unnaturally bright and gaudy. Unless of course I was...
  9. The Gricer

    Hst Mtu

    MTU = Motoren und Turbinen Union (Motor and Turbine Union) Frank
  10. The Gricer

    A Good website for mechanical boxes

    Another good site for anyone interested in signal boxes and signalling equipment, both past and present, is John Hinson's "The Signal Box". Frank
  11. The Gricer

    FujiFinePix S5600 or S5700?

    Well I suppose they might like the bigger 2.5 inch LCD display on the 5700 (5600 is 1.8 inch) or the much better 230000 pixel EVF which is a big improvement on the 5600's 115000p (this would make things like manual focusing easier). The 5700 has two macro ranges instead of the single setting on...
  12. The Gricer

    37905 & 37906 control cards stolen

    Received this tonight. Spread the word. Someone, somewhere must know something. Frank
  13. The Gricer

    Norwich Crown Point

    I'd forgotten those were still there! :grin: Ah, wasn't he cute? Whatever happened? What I've always found most amusing about the top picture is the member of Thomas' crew eating his coal-dust sandwiches. Frank
  14. The Gricer

    Norwich Crown Point

    You hate me? Why? They're hardly the worst pictures of you that I've ever seen! Anyway, am I bovvered? - I aint bovvered! Frank
  15. The Gricer

    Best Railway Mag?

    For anyone interested in the photography side of railways Colin J Marsden's "Railway Photography" is worth a look at. It's free and is available in pdf format by email or can be downloaded from here:- Frank
  16. The Gricer

    Norwich Crown Point

    Indeed they are - even if many of them are much the same as yours! Don't forget the four 'bonus' pictures here :grin: :- Frank
  17. The Gricer

    73235 goes into store

    According to reports on a couple of gen groups 73235 is going down to Bournemouth (from Stewarts Lane) today LE with 73109 where 235 will be put into store. Presumably no longer needed with the demise of the Wessies. Frank
  18. The Gricer

    First/GBRf livery

    Yes, don't get me wrong, I still think the 'old' livery looks better. I was just making the point that the new Barbie one didn't (to me!) look as bad in the flesh as I had first thought. I'm as fed up as anyone with pink and purple and the word 'First' painted all over so much stock these days...
  19. The Gricer

    First/GBRf livery

    Saw one of the new First/GBRf liveried 66s go past the window this morning, (66726) the first one I have seen 'in real life'. I don't know if it was because of the sunshine and the fact that it looked in 'just out of the box' condition, but I thought the new livery looked a lot better than I had...
  20. The Gricer

    121/960s or 444s?

    But you're comparing chalk and cheese. As much as I like the old DMUs I can't help thinking that you bubble lovers would soon change your minds if you had to commute from say Waterloo to Weymouth and back in a 121 on a regular basis. (Once the initial novelty wore off anyway!) Therefore I...