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    Deltics to Stockport?

    The current issue of Rail magazine (923) has an article on the Deltics. At the end of the 1970s and beginning of the 80s, after being displaced from the top ECML services, they were used elsewhere for a few years before being withdrawn. On page 63, left column, it says: It's not clear how...
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    Wales & Borders CP6 renewals and maintenance

    Wales & Borders is the latest Network Rail "Route" to issue a press release about its CP6 renewals and maintenance proposals. interesting about Barmouth...
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    IET cab buttons: What do these ones do?

    Now there are four class 80x threads I have no idea which one to place this question in! It's not geographically specific. I'll compromise by posting it in two of them. On page 83 of the October Modern Railways therE's a photograph of the driver's control panel. Item 9 is "snow brake...
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    LNER Azuma (Class 800/801)

    Roger Ford has four pages (30-33) in the new (October) Modern Railways on electromagnetic compatibility issues with class 80x and signalling/telecoms equipment.
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    At one time the word "weekdays" meant Mondays to Saturdays inclusive. The Oxford English Dictionary suggests that this usage ended with the coming of the twentieth century, but I seem to remember it continued in BR timetables into the 1960s or even early 70s. Does anyone know exactly when BR...
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    Werrington grade separation updates

    I thought there was a thread about the recent announcement that unspecified improvements to the ECML would go ahead, but I can't find it, so I'll start a new one for this item. The T&W Act Order for Werrington grade separation north of Peterborough has been approved...
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    HS2 accused of breaching cycle crossing commitments

    From the Guardian:
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    HS2 Ltd to plan Clay Cross - Sheffield wiring

    Chrisyd on the MML electrification thread in the main forum has posted this press release, which seems worth repeating here: Does this mean it will be charged to the HS2...
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    Leeds depot instead of Crofton for HS2 NE arm

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    ECML ready for IEP - electrical compatibility

    This press release has appeared on Network Rail's site. I can't find an existing suitable thread. I was unaware until now that the booster transformers were incompatible...
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    Stations named after people

    Arising from something that came up in another thread about station names, what UK stations are named after people, or named after things named after people? James Cook University Hospital springs to mind.
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    PAC calls for possible legal action against ex-chief executive The report itself is here...
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    DfT rolling stock perspective 2017

    Appeared on the DfT website today:
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    Felixstowe branch: a bit of double track at Trimley

    This press release has appeared today on the NR website:
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    Spot the howler (Copy Pit line)

    Spot the howler in this press release:
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    Bill for Phase 2a

    There's not much in the Queeen's Speech but (as already noted in another subforum) it does include a promise to introduce a bill for the next phase of high speed rail. That will be phase 2a, Lichfield-Crewe.
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    Seeing mobile phone version of forum

    I only ever view the RailUK forums from my laptop, and only ever from home. I have not made any recent intentional changes to hardware, software or settings. In the last few days, whenever I visit the forum I see it in a different, more compressed format than before. The banner at the top...
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    East Midlands franchise prospectus

    Sorry if there's already a thread about this. I don't normally follow franchising discussions. East Midlands prospectus published:
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    HS2 preferred route to Leeds and Manchester announced

    This is being discussed in other threads but I think it needs its own thread. DfT press release
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    NR freight "route" to go ahead

    The Shaw review recommended that NR create a new "route" for freight. This press release says it's going ahead: Incidentally I hate NR's...