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  1. The Gricer

    Oxshott accident

    Train was the 1505 Guildford to Waterloo,UID W82198, Headcode 2G46 Unit was 5913
  2. The Gricer

    Stagecoach wins SWT franchise

    Stagecoach has been awarded the South Western Trains franchise from February 2007, the Department for Transport announced yesterday.,,1878660,00.html Frank
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    Oh Mother!

    Bloody hell Craig! Is that wall higher than it looks? And is that closest track further away from the edge than it looks? It looks as though you could just reach up and put your hand on the rail! It also conjurs up interesting pictures in the mind of what might happen as a train with non...
  4. The Gricer

    New 442 livery

  5. The Gricer

    Double headed 450's at Bournemouth Depot

    Brand new 450112 and 450113 were indeed parked up at Bournemouth this afternoon after a test run Frank
  6. The Gricer

    Someone be attemptive...

    Dare I just point out that you're all wasting your time arguing - sorry debating - here, as if Monday night is anything to go by, the chances are that all these posts will have been deleted by the morning. Frank
  7. The Gricer

    Someone be attemptive...

    No, neither did I, and if my posts are going to be deleted every time I dare to disagree with a mod/admin then they can stick their forum where the sun doesn't shine. I really feel strongly about this, especially as I was argueing with no-one. All I remember saying was that if the conductor...
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    Steam banned...

    The Duke wasn't actually banned. Steam Dreams were told by NR they could run the Duke in light steam to take it's own weight, but with a diesel marshalled behind to do the actual work of pulling the train. However FM rail weren't happy running as a steam/diesel double header where the second...
  9. The Gricer

    Ticket Query

    Sorry, don't understand. Did anyone say you couldn't? No, please spare me the fares manual. I can't think when I might be needing any through Irish tickets anyway. Frank
  10. The Gricer

    Ticket Query

    Has someone hacked into Ticketman's account or has he really just made a sensible, helpful and serious post? :grin: :wink: *sits back and awaits deserved sarky reply* Frank
  11. The Gricer

    Network Rail Enthusiast Guidelines

    Yes, I think we already know your views on the subject and I'm not going to get drawn into a pointless argument on this as we've already had that elsewhere, but it doesn't change my opinion of certain contract security staff who will always insist you can't take pictures because "it's not...
  12. The Gricer

    Major Problem on the South Western - Gearbox Seizure!

    I really hope they last for a good few years yet! I like the 442s. A bit like this chap who just yesterday posted this on the SEmG in reply to someone asking what was actually so bad with 458s that after only 8 years they have been pulled out of service. Although I don't have quite such...
  13. The Gricer

    HEx - Photography Policy Change

    No. The one I'm talking about, is, as Yorkie says, from NR to it's staff. Frank
  14. The Gricer

    HEx - Photography Policy Change

    But when you read an official release from Network Rail to staff which says enthusiasts are welcome to take photos on their stations and that they can in fact be regarded as an extra pair of eyes security wise, as they can often spot what is normal and what isn't, and then the next day some...
  15. The Gricer

    HEx - Photography Policy Change

    Well said Yorkie. I have found that it is invariably contract security staff who tell you you cannot take pictures. The reason I have argued with them in the past is because of the 'jobsworth' way they put over their non convincing arguments. In contrast I have found that most TOC employed...
  16. The Gricer

    HEx - Photography Policy Change

    Damon and myself had a similar problem a few months back at Liverpool Street. A 'one' train was in with a 47 on the concourse end and Damon dashed to get a picture but was stopped by a jobsworth who put his hand over Damon's camera and physically pushed his arm away while repeatedly saying "you...
  17. The Gricer

    First Great Westerns new Site - Good or Bad??

    Yes, well I thought it was obvious that my last remark wasn't meant seriously. Interestingly, (to some at least!) the FGW home page does validate:- http://validator.w3...? where as the South West Trains one shows quite a few problems:-...
  18. The Gricer

    First Great Westerns new Site - Good or Bad??

    If I'm honest, so do I! Well yes, it SHOULD do of course. Could it be that perhaps MS have got the standards correct and everyone else has got it wrong?:rolleyes: No, I'm never gonna convince you on that one am I? ;) Frank
  19. The Gricer

    First Great Westerns new Site - Good or Bad??

    ASP (Active Server Pages) is a server side scripting language used on Microsoft based severs. Whether a site uses ASP on an MS server or say PHP on a Linux server makes little or no difference to the end user, both 'build' the page at the server end before sending it. (I suspect the simple fact...
  20. The Gricer

    SWT Offer

    Farnborough to Exeter 1 adult, 1 child CDR is £55.50 Same with a Family Railcard £31.45. so with the Half Price Offer it would have been = £27.75 So, as you say, not much of a saving (£3.70) but it might have bought us half a sandwich in the station shop! Frank