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  1. The Gricer

    Coming up with the goods

    That's typical of you. Go into town to buy something for someone and end up buying yourself something. By the way, I didn't realise you'd taken up speed reading. You've only had the book for a couple of hours! Daddy(!)
  2. The Gricer

    Class 142 Pacer Motors

    Well actually if that's the pacer you've got then that shouldn't happen. The idea of connecting the pickups through the couplings is so that the situation you mention doesn't happen. i.e. as long as one set of wheels is making good contact with the track the motor(s) should still receive power...
  3. The Gricer

    Pacer issues

    The 142s never were the best of runners due, in part at least, to the fact that they don't have so many wheels to pick up the current as most models. The worst ones were the ones with only one car powered. The best were those with both cars powered and with the two cars paralleled up. (See last...
  4. The Gricer

    Hornby Dublo For Sale

    No! Dublo / double O / OO Get it now? :roll: :wink: Frank
  5. The Gricer

    Class 142 Pacer Motors

    Early versions of the Hornby Pacer had both cars motorised. Later ones only had a motor in one car. Also some versions had the pickup connections paralleled through the coupling. As you might expect the dual motor ones with the paralleled pickups always seemed to run best. Frank