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  1. The Gricer

    Norwich Crown Point

    I'd forgotten those were still there! :grin: Ah, wasn't he cute? Whatever happened? What I've always found most amusing about the top picture is the member of Thomas' crew eating his coal-dust sandwiches. Frank
  2. The Gricer

    Norwich Crown Point

    You hate me? Why? They're hardly the worst pictures of you that I've ever seen! Anyway, am I bovvered? - I aint bovvered! Frank
  3. The Gricer

    Norwich Crown Point

    Indeed they are - even if many of them are much the same as yours! Don't forget the four 'bonus' pictures here :grin: :- Frank
  4. The Gricer

    Severn Tunnel Junction, Shoeburyness & Great Yarmouth

    I like the artistic effect of the fence in the slammer shot. If ever the subject for the photo of the week contest is "Arty Farty shots" I reckon that would be a good contender! :wink: :grin: Frank
  5. The Gricer

    london 18th august

    On the cabside, same as the nameplate, but on the other end, on a nameplate style cast plate. from a photo by Chris Motteram Frank
  6. The Gricer

    Visit to London last week

    I've finally got round to uploading pictures from last weeks visit to London with Damon and TheSlash. If you're interested in looking through the list you'll find it here:- Frank
  7. The Gricer

    Local Bridge

    Who are you trying to kid Steve? You don't strike me as being the sort that's afraid to say exactly what you're thinking! You see, fading eyesight has it's advantages. Who'd want a better look at him? Anyway I think it's Damon that needs glasses. It was a road bridge, not a footbridge...
  8. The Gricer

    August Misc

    In my humble opinion the second pic, (the Pacers) could be improved by correcting the colour balance - something like in the link below, although that's just my opinion and some would say the colour cast adds atmosphere. I must admit the "orangeness" works well in the third shot - the one of...
  9. The Gricer


    Give us a few details. How much have you got to spend? What sort of thing do you want to use it for? Do you want one with full manual controls (very useful) or just a point and shoot? Do you want a compact 'in the pocket' type or does size not matter? Frank
  10. The Gricer

    47828 on bedz + 37s on 6M95

    No, I can't at the moment, although I'm sure it was ok earlier. Frank
  11. The Gricer

    45231 on the Cathedrals Express

    45231 "Sherwood Forrester" between Farnborough and Fleet today on the Cathedrals Express. Pity the sun didn't show. Frank
  12. The Gricer


    Right, we've seen your 442, 444 and 450 pics above. When are you going to show us some of the HST pics you've taken down this bit of line? :grin: Frank
  13. The Gricer

    Midland Railway -Butterley

    I knew you wouldn't give up until you found an error somewhere! Well if that's the worse you can find then I'm not too bothered. Yes I know. Didn't you see the note on that page? It's obviously not a 101. How do you know that it's 114/50019? Frank Dad
  14. The Gricer

    Serco test train

    Got a pic of the Serco train this morning as it passed through between Fleet and Farnborough at 09:10. It's not a brilliant shot and the subject is only just in frame, but then it was shifting at quite a rate!
  15. The Gricer

    Midland Railway -Butterley

    I'll never outgrow Thomas the Tank!:grin: I was quite sorry to see both my lads reach an age where they regarded Thomas as just kids stuff and my excuse for being a fan had seemed to disappear. But then what the hell! Who needs an excuse? Frank
  16. The Gricer

    New Web Address

    That link doesn't seem to work for me. Frank
  17. The Gricer

    Midland Railway -Butterley

    I've finally gotten round to uploading some photos I took at the Midland Railway a couple of weekends ago. You'll find them here Frank
  18. The Gricer

    Dad's Workplace

    And here he is in the aformentioned workplace with one of those stupid grins on his face.:grin: Frank
  19. The Gricer

    Southampton Area ~ 18th June 2006 (and a new cam!)

    Did you get an xD card or a Compact Flash card? As you may know Fuji don't recommend using the 1G xD with the F7000 for movie mode. Frank ps Another good source for reasonably priced memory is where for example a Kingston 1G Compact Flash card can be had for £17.99