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    Gold-painted points - where were they?

    I'm reasonably certain the M&GNJRS have one in the Holt museum, although I don't know if it's on display. It's IIRC local & a relatively recently acquisition, although I can't find it online at the minute....
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    Help identifying cigarette cards

    They look like press shots to me. Might have found their way onto another card series, but I suspect generic BR publicity images.
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    Oldest track "chairs" in use on a mainline UK railway? You're thinking of the sand drag protecting the single line section of Largin / St. Pinnock viaducts. Search for Largin Catch Points and the Sand Drag in page, there's no way to link halfway down. (Whether it's true or...
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    Trivia - abandoned railways with intact track

    Full details / plans of this are in Larry Crosier's Mechanical Signalling in Plymouth (SRS). Pretty extensive system going to all the main basins etc.
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    Llangollen Railway Its short term future?.

    Llangollen IIRC, but whether that was the railway themselves or an owner I don't know offhand. E1668E, so it's actually a Thompson, but pretty much the same difference. (n.b. I'm a M&GNJRS member and I suppose interested party, as opposed...
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    Llangollen Railway Its short term future?.

    Whilst making no accusations, remember that it's easy to do a skin deep cosmetic restoration & leave significant unresolved issues under the surface. Case in point is the Gresley brake we bought at the NNR a few years back. This was supposed to be structurally and externally largely complete...
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    Any first person anecdotes of the APT

    At the risk of wondering futher and further off-topic, higher voltage wasn't exclusive to Hornby and the APT. Some of the early 90s Bachmann controllers went up to 17v Mix that with an ex-Mainline split chassis, and you tended to get the magic smoke quite quickly.... (serious overheating...
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    Preserved Railways reopening with Diesel traction

    This is the usual summer Friday diesel running resuming. I'd expect another to be announced very soon :) As I understand it, it's never been about just diesel running, but also allows retention etc. for when the diesels are actually needed.
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    Gloucestershire and Warwickshire Steam Railway to reopen on 15th August

    In that vicinity, the Bodmin & Wenford has said to members that they are not re-opening until Christmas at the earliest. Basically, I think all announcing any form of reopening have compartment stock available & a significant summer timetable to reduce.
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    Kent & East Sussex Railway Re-opening Survey

    Your link goes through Facebook somehow. (Presumably copied from there?) Please check.
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    Trivia - Railway Station Nests and other Wildlife

    Reminds me of a trip on the Bodmin and Wenford a couple of years ago, where we managed to chase a deer with a Prarie most of the way up the bank from Parkway :p Trouble there is that you *really* don't want to stop in a steamer halfway up, as restarting can be near impossible,
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    How many heritage railways ofter a Annual Season Ticket?

    Depends what you classify as a season ticket. Plenty of preserved lines offer memberships (often of varying grades) with travel perks attached, upto and including galas etc. For example, many years ago I paid a not insignificant sum for a Premier Life membership of the M&GNJRs (supporting...
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    Greater Anglia Vacancies -Trainee Mainline Driver

    29th (or thereabouts IIRC) for Part 2. I concur the other two parts of the tone test were OK, but not counting any chickens here! Especially as 2 of our morning failures were railway peeps, so anyone can fail at anything......
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    Greater Anglia Vacancies -Trainee Mainline Driver

    Passed the morning of stage 1 (3 of 7 didn't!), now anxiously awaiting the results of the afternoon session, which they tell me might be tomorrow or monday. At least hopeful here, although the two tone counting was nasty......
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    Greater Anglia Vacancies -Trainee Mainline Driver

    Absolutely attending :) Probably will go nowhere, but this would be my dream job off Bury or Crown Point. Minor kerfuffle getting the day off work, but nothing major. More of a pig getting up at 6AM to get the train from Norwich as I usually work lates, but these things are sent to try us.....
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    West Somerset Railway

    I can't see it as being that difficult? The NNR has got 2 modified in this manner (Classified as DGS- Disabled & Guards Saloon, although I don't know if this is an official BR derived designation) and I've certainly seen similar elsewhere too. Don't forget it doesn't remove the area for...
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    Greater Anglia Vacancies -Trainee Mainline Driver

    Had a email this morning offering me a Stage 1 date next Thursday at Stratford. (Mainline, Norwich) Applied relatively soon after it went up & had practically forgotten about it.... Rather unexpected to say the least. Might have spent some cash on practice materials earlier / with more notice...
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    Locomotives With Tool Boxes

    What do you mean by a 'tool box' exactly? Most steam engines carry some tools somewhere, it's just the nature of the beast.
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    Signal Passed at Danger

    IIRC they overshot the stop board protecting the foot crossing at Sheringham. The crossing gates are always closed when a train is approaching (to protect against this scenario), so as far as I know minimal to no risk. Can't comment on actions etc.
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    Signal Passed at Danger

    IMHO the Quorn video above isn't quite the same at all. It shows the safety system (catch point) working exactly as designed and mitigating the consequences of the SPAD by keeping the train off the main line. Sure, the loco got a little bent, but it prevented the much larger potential issue...