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    Heathrow T5 to Penzance on a Friday evening

    Hi all. I'm flying into London Heathrow (Terminal 5) landing at about 17:00 on Friday 6th November. I need to be in Penzance by 10:00 the following morning but would ideally arrive on the 00:40 service. I've only flown into Heathrow a few times and I've only then travelled east by rail...
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    Stratford (London) to Didcot/Newbury

    Hi all. I'm looking to travel between Stratford (London) and the Harwell Science Campus this August. I'll be travelling Monday 10th to Friday 14th and logically, Didcot Parkway looks the best bet for onward transport. I've a 16-25 railcard which is loaded onto an Oyster. I'll require a...
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    Super Off-Peak Return validity: Bath Spa to Leicester with BoJ

    Hi all. I've got a Super Off-Peak Return, with 16-25 Railcard discount, from Bath Spa (BTH) to Leicester (LEI) via London. I've taken a break of journey in London and it is my understanding that the ticket remains valid for the unused portion, London to Leicester, so long as I travel within...
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    Advance tickets and compulsory reservations

    Hi all. I often travel between LEI and STP and, now I'm a student again, enjoy the bargain 'Advance' fares when I can. As we all know, each ticket is valid only on specific services (or in this instance, a particular train) and when booking, a reservation is issued. Is it the case that I...
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    What's the line speed at Loughborough?

    I know that in fairly recent times, parts of the MML have been upgraded to 125 mph running. Today I was in Loughborough for the first time and as a bonus, enjoyed the sight of a couple of 222s roaring through at quite some pace! Can anyone confirm what speed they were likely to have been...
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    Advance ticket bought by a friend - valid?

    Hi all. I have a couple of questions regarding the validity of an advance single, travelling tomorrow (Friday) morning. The ticket was bought three weeks ago covering a journey from Penzance to Bangor (Gwynedd) and was booked with a 16-25 railcard discount. It was bought by a friend...