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    Europe looks ahead...

    There are areas of Germamy where integration is woeful, take my area (Allgäu/Swabia) in Bavaria. My town of Buchloe has two overlapping bus only PTE's, one of which (VVM) only has km based fare charts for singles, weekly and monthly tickets can only be bought at start of week/month, these are...
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    Daft school rules

    Some odd things at my Junior school(2006-2010) Year 3 teacher insisted class worked in silence kept whole class in constantly during breaks, once trashed classroom for us to clean Year 4 teacher loved the idea of corporal punishment tapping hands lightly with rulers, once I was daydreaming...
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    Austria (and perhaps other European countries?) return to full lockdown

    Upper Austria and Salzburg states going into full lockdown:
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    More Lockdowns?

    If we need lockdowns again this winter then quite simply said the vaccines do not work. I want them to work yet no one seems to have full confidence in them? Still recommended to keep distance, still have to wear masks, still need tests to travel abroad, what has actually changed?
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    English Heritage Lines which are returning to Normal Normal from July 19

    The Epping Ongar Railway is running almost as normal with day tickets on sale again, apart from the few family events that were planned before the 19th. Heritage bus services from Epping to Shenfield are also running again (as a registered service).
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    Arriva Buses (including Greenline)

    I must add my reports on a recent trip on their shires home counties operation. I was using multiple operators so picked out the Arriva operated journeys. Arriva 300 from High Wycombe to Aylesbury, A 2004 Wrightbus bodied DAF DB250- very odd that an interurban corridor like this sustains two...
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    Trivia: How far can you go on a bus for under a tenner?

    Stagecoach South accept Discovery on all of their services so if you really wanted to you could get to Salisbury on it. I once did Kingston to Dover via Dorking, Crawley, Brighton, Eastbourne, Hastings, Ashford and Canterbury. Roughly 153 miles.
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    Trivia: Furthest day return trip by bus from your home town

    Pre pandemic I enjoyed using a discovery ticket down to Portsmouth then using a cheap overnight return (£24) on Brittany Ferries to Caen and spending the day there than returning on the next overnight ferry. The trip went something like this: 281 from Teddington to Kingston 406 from Kingston...
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    Berlin - Prague: preferences of ČD vs MÁV rolling stock

    On the Czech run trains, I prefer the 2nd class compartments to the first class as this only offers open saloon seating and these are the same seats as used in the 2nd class open saloon but in a 2+1 config and leather covers, often it is only one or two coaches as with many EuroCity trains. Only...
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    Annoying Announcements

    Deutsche Bahn has very precise rules when it comes to announcements, there were complaints about long announcements years ago so it goes something like this: Departing station: 'Welcome on board this train and destination via the three main stations and then saying the next station. short mask...
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    On-road competition, positives and negatives

    Thats odd, 5 years ago I had problems using it, but I had no problems using it in that area two weeks ago as company names are no longer printed on the ticket, I did however fold back the qr code out of view when using it on the other companies as it's not compatible with scanning on other...
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    On-road competition, positives and negatives

    I visited Buckinghamshire recently to try the Arriva/Redline bus war on the High Wycombe-Aylesbury corridor. Both companies are using a random assortment of buses with Redline undercutting Arriva. The most absurd part of it is that you have Arriva running every 15 mins daytime on their 300...
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    Do any Electric buses run on hilly routes?

    Route 484 (Lewisham to Camberwell) now uses Electric BYD E200's, haven't tried them yet so will be interesting to see how they perform up the hills. More impressively Stagecoach South regularly use the glide park & ride BYD E200's on the 715 from Guildford to Kingston in order to comply with...
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    Where will we be able to go Abroad restriction free from May 17th ?

    There is that, however, most countries in the EU are still battling with higher rates albeit now falling in most countries so we should see an improvement in time for the summer season. However, it does mean another washout for tourism and the aviation industry which can't really afford this. I...
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    Impact on Universities

    Yes it was very problematic in the last semester of my second year when a 15-min presentation was turned into a 2500 word group report, it was a headache trying to organize meetings and make sure each group member knew exactly what they were doing, and despite the best efforts it still resulted...
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    Ever had an accident on a bus?

    Just the other week I was on the Stagecoach X19 from Barnsley to Doncaster. Coming into Doncaster we approach a pelican crossing and a child riding his bicycle doesn't look and is so very nearly run down, the bike hit the bus causing scratches, but thank goodness the child didn't. As a...
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    What travel restrictions change from the 29th March?

    Travelled around on buses in Surrey W/Sussex today, was absolutely wonderful to get out and about and the drivers were all welcoming and no questions asked. I even found some open public toilets in Petersfield (Jokes aside a very pleasant market town!)
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    What travel restrictions change from the 29th March?

    I've been impressed with South Western Railways' complete ignorance of pushing the 'essential travel only rule'. Instead, their slogan is 'travel with confidence' which is much more welcoming.
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    Should travel abroad be restricted to vaccinated people only?

    I think that is what people forget when they go on about shutting down all the borders and going for the New Zealand style approach. Calais is a 20 min train ride from Folkestone. It's hardly halfway across the globe!
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    Trivia: Nicknames / slang that are widely accepted?

    At the London Bus Company we only really have one bus with a nickname: RT3062- Sawdust, this bus is mechanically tip-top as it was used by London Transport as a trainer for many years, the drivers love it as it has really light steering, but the reason for this is that the bodywork hasn't been...