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    oyster cards in Euston ?

    Where can i buy Oyster cards in Euston, and can i pay by cash ?
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    return and single tickets

    why do return and single tickets cost nearly the same, i'm sure this has been asked many times before, but i want the answer.
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    vintage and classic buses

    What buses represent the dividing line between vintage and classic ?
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    transport for wales new seats

    Travelling from Chester on a refurbished 175 to Llandudno i noted the new seats as being hard, i dont think this will be popular, especially on long journeys.
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    bar at Preston station

    Is there a new bar at Preston station ? I remember the 'Hero's' bar being there.
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    No, it was just a general question.
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    How many ro-rail machines are there on British rails ?
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    Bus construction

    Any videos of British bus construction on You Tube ?
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    Leyland Atlanteans

    Are there any Leyland Atlanteans working in Britain ?