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  1. Lemmy99uk

    Door open buttons

    I see that one Japanese railway company is changing the method of door opening on some of its units. Instead of the Conductor releasing the doors to activate the local open/close buttons, the release will now cause all doors to open automatically, avoiding the need for customers to touch the...
  2. Lemmy99uk

    Landslip on the Cumbrian Coast

    I’ve just seen a fb post that the landslip between Whitehaven and Workington has seriously damaged the sea wall and may take 12 months to repair. Does anyone have any further information on this?
  3. Lemmy99uk

    Gi’us a job!

    Browsing the ‘Railway Jobs and Careers’ forum,it occurred to me how much things have changed for people wanting a railway career. Back in the day (1980), I had been unemployed for several months and spent most days cycling to my local rural station to read books and watch the succession of...
  4. Lemmy99uk

    West Pomerania länderticket validity

    I intent to spend a few days in the north east of Germany in the summer and plan to use ländertickets to get around. Does anyone know if the above ticket will allow me to travel all the way to Swinoujście Centrum in Poland, or do I need a separate ticket from Seebad? Also, what is the crossing...
  5. Lemmy99uk

    Hypothetical Lakes Line problem

    Just to add to the other threads on the West Coast Railway service on the Windermere branch, I was wondering where responsibilities lie in the event of a delay. If I had a cheap advance from Windermere to Manchester Airport and chose to take the replacement bus service, I assume I would be...
  6. Lemmy99uk

    New station for Whitehaven

    The initial public consultation document for the new nuclear facility near Sellafield has been published by NUGEN Interestingly, it states that rail will be the prime mover for people and passengers and that a new...