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  1. duesselmartin

    Travelling to Europe by train

    totally agree with that. The problem is competion. We want travel to be dirt cheap. In relation to income, rail travel and travel generally was a lot more expensive than it is now.
  2. duesselmartin

    Travelling to Europe by train

    I frequently use them for international journeys where DB fails. It can combine Thalys and ICE. Book to places Europa Spezial cannot get to. Düsseldorf to Brest (F) for example. Not a bad site. Wish it was easier to influence changeover times though.
  3. duesselmartin

    Alstom wins order for new DART (Dublin) fleet

    I asked that in a Facebook group. Although I got no primary source, it was said to be at 1500 Volts to be compatible both with the existing system and with the national power grid. Martin
  4. duesselmartin

    Poland: Kraków

    Thank you for. I believe some former Düsseldorf Duewag GTS trams went there too?
  5. duesselmartin

    Do any European countries besides the UK and Ireland have a named concept of a "Parkway" station?

    Similar situation in Limburg Germany. The ICE station at Limburg Süd has no rail connection to Limburg Hbf. That station was also political horse trading.
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    Israel Railways Issues Notice to Proceed for Supply of 36 TRAXX Locomotives

    Interesting that they stick to the loco hauled concept. I expected something in the line of Desiro HC.
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    Are Eurostar profiteering from pandemic changes?

    I booked BA over Xmas, cancelled the trip due to covid. No idea yet if I get anything back. My request is being processed. Anybody booking this winter knows the risks and therefore should expect the loss. A voucher and I am happy. Same goes for Eurostar. They are all trying to survive.
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    Ireland trip advice

    ..."the trains and stations. A hell of a lot better than back at home. Even those which haven't been recently refurbished seem to be kept in good nick." I find that UK stations are a lot better than those at home in Germany. Merry Christmas to all of you. Martin
  9. duesselmartin

    Highlight of new long distance trains in 2022 EU timetable

    @Austriantrain. Not sure where you see the competion on the Bruxelles-Paris route. The line is dominated by Thalys which is owned by SNCF/SNCB/NS. There is competion of Bruxelles-Köln but that created little benefits, prices are similar, flexibilty is non. An exception might be...
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    Interrail travel day ends at 23:59 local time or CET

    why would it be CET? Universal Mean Time is GMT. That theory would also mean that it must be "winter time" all year around on interrail. It is of course local time that counts.
  11. duesselmartin

    Europe looks ahead...

    local services usually continue into the city, there are some exceptions such as passengers from Heiligenhaus (Northrhine-Westphalia) changing into a train at Hösel for both Essen and Düsseldorf. This makes sense as you dont need two bus routes that way. On long distance coaches (usually...
  12. duesselmartin

    Europe looks ahead...

    reliability of German trains are getting worse by the year. Not to mention that a train is punctual until the 6th minute of a delay. As to integrated ticketing. Travelling from Cologne to Paris, Thalys is the only operator on the direct route, meaning splitting tickets between operators for...
  13. duesselmartin

    Europe looks ahead...

    Between well intentions and actually doing it, there is a big difference. As to the 1960s- Electrification of the WCML, developement of new rolling stock, a new Euston station. Okay line closures, but that is not an issue now.
  14. duesselmartin

    Highlight of new long distance trains in 2022 EU timetable

    I don't think the UK is doing that badly. Think of GB's geographic location. For Berlin its easy to have a train to Warsaw or Praha. Yet Berlin offers little say to Brussels and a poor service to Paris. There is hardly any scope for new night trains in the UK esp. if they have to pay their own...
  15. duesselmartin

    Is Berlin Hbf the capital city station with the most direct trains to other capitals?

    I guess Moskva also has a good share of capital trains in normal times, Minsk, Warsaw, Berlin, Paris, Monte Carlo, Vienna, Helsinki and how many Central European and former Soviet states?
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    seated on a sleeper as part of a wider journey

    took a seated night train this year and it took me days to recover. From a certain age its no fun. As a student it was night interrail seats for days and days.
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    New German Railway Timetable

    The new minister for transport already emphasied the importance of investing in road transport. I doubt the liberals will allow any levy to be introduced anywhere.
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    New German Railway Timetable

    Yes the Sprinter is a type of service, not a train type. However the amount of sprinters increased and Berlin to Cologne is new. If you they can get a grip on punctuality.
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    Ireland trip advice

    I hope it was gound floor.
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    Which countries/territories have abandoned railways altogether?

    Its not as bad as you think. Aigo to Athens, Patras commuter and the mountain line from Kiato.