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    155344 at Heaton

    Getting into speculation but Heaton have been handling the Wheel Slide Protection installations for the Northern fleet (including on the 150s which also aren’t local). Might be related
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    Go North East

    IIRC in the mid to late 90s Go North Easts North Tyneside division “Coastline” were making more of an effort putting the new vehicles on their own 300 / 305 routes moving them over to being Easy Access with Excels. Then they started messing about with the routes themselves (merging / splitting...
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    Northern Overcrowding

    Certain trains along the Durham Coast line on a Saturday morning (0930,1030,1130 from Middlesbrough) are full and standing and have been for a number for years even when non Matchdays are considered and even before Horden was built. It’s been mentioned not just on this thread but others that...
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    Have Northern Upped Their Game?

    The reason you were going slow is the linespeed not the timings / paths. The maximum linespeed for the line is 60 mph with a 30 mph for a section just after Dinsdale around the curve, 30 again just after Allens West reducing to 25 on the approach to Eaglescliffe, slow approach into Thornaby...
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    Northern Short forming

    But that’s not shortforming. That’s standard for the North East. Cynic in me says there was only strengthening last week because the Morpeth / Chathills were off for engineering. But that’s OT as we are talking about units which are booked 3 or 4 coaches turning up as 2 etc
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    Middlesbrough railway station masterplan

    They are listed on
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    ScotRail Services to Newcastle

    Not necessarily. Reservations aren't possible on either of these services unless there's a random "counted place" reservation in place for the Northern section of the journey. On the evening service it depends on the relieving crew as there's a 20 minute wait at Carlisle and is booked for the...
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    ScotRail Services to Newcastle

    This hasn't happened in at least a year (possibly 2 now). The two services which use Scotrail units in the Glasgow direction are advertised as separate Newcastle to Carlisle and Carlisle to Glasgow services with different headcodes Towards Newcastle there are two services from Dumfries and one...
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    “Train Stopped in the Incorrect Position”

    I don’t know the ins and outs but there seems to have been some chaos at Middlesbrough with services delayed due to train crew issues. That train from Nunthorpe was probably delayed by the train from Middlesbrough to Whitby being delayed and having to wait for it to clear the single line
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    Different Guard Depot, Route and Traction cards

    The list is correct but to a newbie may be confusing. It’s listed on how you would learn / sign off the route not how you work it. For example to get London Victoria to East Grinstead you combine the East Croydon to London Victoria (via Norbury), the East Croydon to Oxted part of the London...
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    Northumberland Line to be re-opened to passengers

    Hopefully this works, Page 52 of this 270_Request for a screening opinion_ 260619 (, mentions 50mph max with much of the line not able to handle it. But things change, I know a document in 2016 said 55mph max with a graph of the profiles
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    Northern Rail - A Suburban Service for Cities ? Engineering works but still hourly... as from Northern’s own website already pointed out as I was typing. D’oh
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    Northern Rail - A Suburban Service for Cities ?

    Which date are you looking at? The ones I’m looking at on RTT have a full hourly service
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    Northern Rail - A Suburban Service for Cities ?

    Just as a follow up it seems that it was an upload error as the 2249 is now showing in systems for next week
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    TPE Scottish Route via ECML

    9E10? Is it incorrect on RTT and the Network Rail Working Timetable which had it as 9M10
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    TPE Scottish Route via ECML

    According to RTT 9M10 forms 5E10 to Heaton Depot 9S11 forms 5S11 to Craigentinny
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    Northern Rail - A Suburban Service for Cities ?

    The same service is STP'd for the 19/4 to 15/5 so I don't think that is the case
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    Northern Rail - A Suburban Service for Cities ?

    No, it does officially connect just for some reason its missing from the timetable for a week. Now it could either be engineering work or a data upload error but its in for this week and the week back from the 19th (connection time at Skipton 5 mins)
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    Northern Rail - A Suburban Service for Cities ?

    What day are you looking at? The 22:49 is clearly shown here Journey Planner - Trains Times and Fares - National Rail Enquiries
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    Long Distance Single Class 153 Working

    Off topic but just to pick up on this but since privatisation Carlisle crews have been classed as East Side (RRNE/ Northern Spirit/ ATN and onwards), this is why Carlisle crews don’t sign Cumbria Coast which is RRNW / West side domain. The units would’ve been east side based (or Scottish based)...