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    Volume of applications per job

    I would say that your friend’s son should put in an application for a driver’s role sooner rather than later. His chances of success depend on whether he would pass the psychometric tests. Providing that he passes the initial sift, he’ll be invited to compete the tests. If that he passes these...
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    Greater Anglia or C2C mainline driver?

    That’s good to know. I know that with GA they don’t put you on the full mainline salary for the first year after becoming fully qualified. I understand that C2C have the Shoeburyness and East Ham depot. Since I live in Southend, I’d like to be working in Shoeburyness. If I was assigned to East...
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    Test centre shutter / driver

    The tests for shunter and drivers are the same. However, some TOCs/FOCs may decide to include extra tests. For example, Greater Anglia and some other companies include the DFFT (Driver Fault Finding Test) as part of the assessments. Additionally, different companies have different pass marks...
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    Greater Anglia or C2C mainline driver?

    Thanks for your replies. Does anyone know the training salary and first year qualified salary for mainline drivers at C2C? Or do you go straight to full pay once qualified?
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    Waiting times for results?

    I recently sat these tests with the OPC and I received my results after 12 working days. You'll receive the results from your TOC or FOC, not the OPC. Your TOC/FOC may already have the results but they just haven't processed them yet. You could contact them if you're desperate to find out...
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    Driver medical

    The hearing test involves sitting in booth with a pair of headphones and pressing a button if you hear a tone. The tones will be at different frequencies and volumes. I advise you to ensure that the headphones are a tight fit to make sure that you don't miss anything. The eyesight test is a...
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    Greater Anglia or C2C mainline driver?

    I'm looking to become a mainline driver in Southend, has anyone worked for either or both of these companies? If so, how do they compare in terms of pay, conditions etc. Additionally, C2C appear to recruit mainline drivers internally from their shunters. Does anyone know how long the waiting...