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    Guide Bridge station , passenger subway?

    I was often on the station from about 1959 onwards and have no recollection of a subway between platforms 1,2/3,4. I recently was looking at some old photos from early 1950s and they definitely show staircase entry to a subway and signs directing to other platforms. The question is why? There...
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    Seat Reservation Question

    Yesterday went to buy return tickets for Manchester- Totnes(Devon) in February. Two people travelling together ( or not!), one pays full fare, the other on BR retired staff pass. The helpful person in the ticket office said he could not make seat reservations together as there has to be two...
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    BBC North West News intro.

    This might have been raised before. In the introduction to the North West News on BBC1 there are scenes from around the area. There is a very brief glimpse of a mixed freight train passing over a viaduct, possibly at Northwich? The loco appears to be a Class 25, so the picture is probably 30+...
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    Route learner,for what?

    Yesterday, Colas class67: Did a few runs between Thorpe's Bridge, Guide Bridge and Heaton Norris,via Ashton Moss North. Something to do with future binliner at Dean Lane or Collyhurst St? Thanks Bill
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    Unusual traction at Denton

    What appeared to be a Ferrybridge- Fiddlers Ferry coal train , usually an FL 66 produced 2x Colas Rail 56s around 13:00. Odd also because it didn't appear on RTT around that time. Am I mistaken with the ID? Not seen a 56 round here for years, then two turn up at once! Bill
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    Bells on stations question.

    Many years ago when I went train watching at Guide Bridge, the imminent arrival of *some* passenger trains was announced by a loud electric bell somewhere on the station. I suppose it was to summon staff from the bar( I mean refreshment room) on platform 4 to attend to luggage, door closing and...
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    Guide Bridge East Junction

    Passing here the other day I saw there was a stop board on the curve to what was GB North Junction. I know that the North Junction ends in Avenue sidings now with a bit of complication to get onto the Stalybridge Lines. Is the curve OOU or is the stop board only temporary?When was the last use...