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    Which trains have new PIS fitted?

    I have decided to continue make a list of units which have the new fancy LCD PIS fitted so people don't get confused which units don't and do have it, here is the list so far! Type Operator Class PIS Maker Unit Numbers Commuter/Regional LNWR 350/1 Ketech + original All WMR 172/0...
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    New Stadler Trains for Tyne and Wear Metro

    Exactly as the title says, Stadler are making 42 new trains for the Tyne and Wear Metro.
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    Do GWR 800/802s decouple in service and should sets be extended to 9 cars?

    The title says it all, do they decouple in service like the WCML voyagers. If not then why did the DfT (or whoever) order 5 car units instead of 9 car? If I remember correctly 802s decouple at Plymouth but 9 cars still run past Plymouth. Still no point for the 5 car 800s though. As lots don't...
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    Chiltern Business Zone upgrades

    Moderator note: Split from Chiltern seem to make it hard to get into Business Zone, unless you want to pay on the day there isn't an easy way I've found to book it.
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    What is the intended lifespan of the voyagers?

    I was wondering how long the voyagers were designed to last, XC units seem to be on there last legs with XC not maintaining them very well and the Virgin ones are getting replaced. As these were DEMUs do they have a shorter lifespan than the pendolino EMUs as they thought there would be more...
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    GWR's West of England Stock and 769s

    Name Change I changed the name from just the 143s and 769s to include the West of England Stock (143s 150s 158s 43 short sets and some 166s and 165s) as they are also important in the replacement of the 143s. Also they stock is getting old (especially the 150s) so we can also talk about the...